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    It is the central force of the solar system. It is the king emperor that rules over the body and soul and all other planets obey his commands. It is the supreme source of light and life. If Sun exalted it brings glory and fame; and if weak or malefic it brings misery. A man with an exalted sun is born to rule and the one with a weak Sun is born to serve. In Hindu Mythology, we call it Lord Vishnu who is the Lord of the Universe. In Islamic astrology it is called ‘SHAMS’ or ‘KHURSHID’ in Persian. His height is normal; has a bright face; both the hands raised and are ‘lion’ like. Its main period lasts for six years.
An exalted Sun confers glory, brightness, long life, such a man is truthful, will never face bad days, will earn a lot; even death will lose its sting.
Sun, if in conjunction with Rahu, Saturn, and Kethu and adversely aspected by them, brings about worst results. It is in fact eclipsed.
Sun in House no. 1:
Very wealthy, king like status, self made rich. Handsome in body, thoughts and soul; honest; intellectual; liberal; justice-loving; helpful to father; strict administrator, but should be a polite businessman. Early morning birth; short-tempered; long life.
Sun in House no. 2:
Wealthy; good reputation; good status; God fearing; pious and noble; bright and glorious life; selfless service; will bring about exalted results.
Sun in House no. 3:
Bold like a Lion; long life of mother provided Moon is exalted; rich in old age; good to gentlemen but harsh to evil-doers or liars
Sun in House no. 4:
Very rich; beneficial travels abroad; exalted status, will be frugal himself, but will leave millions for children; will have lots of wealth to donate even pearls; the more large -hearted he is, the better the results; perfect Raja Yoga; lustful conduct will; however, destroy him.
 Sun in House no. 5:
Bringer of good luck; a perfect gentleman; excellent government job; if exalted, best results; and if malefic, worst results; like a bright lamp shedding light everywhere; the older he grows, the richer he is.
Sun in House no. 6:
Such a person is like King Nero, rejoicing at the destruction of his kingdom; no worry about job; may leave one but get another; but short tempered; in spite of failures will never stoop low; care free like Don Quixote
Sun in House no. 7:
Everything goes topsy-turvy; like a king himself responsible for the loss of his crown and kingdom; un lucky; short tempered; rude; selfish; prone to flattery; rich but not wise; couple should be faithful for better results.
Sun in House no. 8:
Conqueror of death; good position; even mars in house no. 8 will not be debilitating; for better luck be affectionate to his elders; must not be lustful; death fears Sun in this house. 
Sun in House no. 9:
Long life; supporter of family members; most glorious sun; man and honesty and integrity; will do everything for family and will not demand any favor in return. Even House no.5 becomes exalted. Best placement in the Birth chart provided it is not accepted by enemy planets, i.e.  Rahu, Saturn, Kethu, etc.
Sun in House no. 10:
Healthy; wealthy; but superstitious; will be under estimated though very intelligent; competent officer; will never bow before tyranny; self respecting; sincere friend; if alone, it brings bad results regarding inherited property.  
Sun in House no. 11:
Noble and religious-minded; long and happy life; greedy because of Saturn’s effect; the nobler in deeds and thoughts, the more eminent the status; must not touch wine. 
Sun in House no. 12:
Enjoys sound sleep, but worried about others; happy couple; lively, knowledgeable; honest; worst results if lustful and corrupt; bad luck if he deals in  machine (Saturn’s trade), but good luck in investment and other types of business (Mercury’s trade).

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