Monday, June 25, 2012




Sun in Aries:
Exalted; being in a friendly Raashi; short tempered but an officer; if trader, must be soft spoken. In a good house it gives best results; self confident.
Sun in Taurus:
In the 2nd, 5th, and 9th Houses it confers best results. But Sun in 7th and 10th House is not good; remains disturbed because of enemies.
Sun in Gemini:
In a friendly Sign; will never be malefic; person will be of sweet and soft speech; wise and thoughtful.
Sun in Cancer:
Best placement; Very rich; mother’s blessings; best luck. Earn name and fame.
Sun in Leo:
Only son; eminent status; intelligent; wise and well read; bringer of good fortune; short tempered.
Sun in Virgo:
No worry about job; problem with feet; may leave job many times; carefree.
Sun in Libra:
Worst if in House no. 7 or in enemy’s House; unlucky; problem in service and marriage, being in enemy’s Raashi; ill- tempered; rude and selfish. If honest to the spouse, good and comfortable life, otherwise worst.
Sun in Scorpio:
Conqueror of death; death fears Sun, rich, promotion provided not lustful.
Sun in Sagittarius:
Best planet; long life; best results regarding career health and wealth. It brightens House no. 5 too regarding sons.
Sun in Capricorn:
Being in enemy’s raashi, such a person is full of wild and bad thoughts and is quarrelsome; wrong-doer; bad and deceitful behavior like a stinging snake. But if it is in Sun’s House it confers good results.
Sun in Aquarius:
It is also in the enemy’s Raashi, hence selfish and full of deceit and evil thoughts. But in its on House, i.e. House no.1, it blesses the man with son and confers wealth and eminent status.
Sun in Pisces:
Being in a friendly Raashi; man is wise and self made rich; frugal and does not spend lavishly; spends a lot on household affairs; honest; owner of lands; a good-doer; Purity of mind, thoughts and deeds.

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