Friday, June 29, 2012



1.      Jupiter in Aries: Brings good luck to parents; recipient of all comforts, power; educated; researcher; can see through enemy’s game; short-tempered; honest; man of integrity, optimist; large-hearted; good-doer; may earn name and fame; sometimes over liberal but at times stingy. It is a benefic placement, being in a friend’s Raashi.
2.      Jupiter in Taurus: Lover of good things; self-made rich. I in house No. 2, man will receive wealth and property from in - laws well as parents. If in enemy’s House, i.e. House no.7, 10 or11, one may be asthmatic, but a lover of family: very much attached to father whom he serves well; learned; careless in spending money; must adopt restraint in financial transaction.
3.      Jupiter in Gemini: Busy in pursuit of Knowledge; mentally alert; can be an author; curious to know more and more; a store house of knowledge, especially science. Jupiter Hates Mercury and not vice versa, hence sometimes himself responsible for getting less than what he deserves. Nevertheless, intelligent and happiness from relatives and well-to—do family.
4.      Jupiter in Cancer: The best placement; learned; truthful; charitable; lots of gold and wealth; maintains best relations with all; lovable personality; smiling Face; Cheerful disposition; courageous in adversity; Mother’s blessings; all comforts, vehicles; magnificent house. In Fact, the most exalted Planet; full of milk of human kindness.
5.      Jupiter in Leo: Jupiter in friend’s sign is exalted. A perfect gentleman; learned; short-tempered because of ‘Lion’s’ influence .A great writer; eminent status; enjoys respects from colleagues and other; noble-hearted; humanitarians; wealth and eminent sons.
6.      Jupiter in Virgo: Enjoy life at other’s expense; a parasite feeding upon others; gets everything without making any effort; lavish living; shrewd; plays his cards well with a ‘smiling face’. Believes in the maxi – “Eat, drink and make merry, who knows the world may end tonight.”
7.      Jupiter in Libra: Asthmatic; a Sadhu in previous birth; helper of relatives but never receives their gratitude; will live away from brothers but rich; father of noble of fortunate sons; astrologer; luxurious life; bad investments; a great conversationalist and public speaker; a prolific reader of books.
8.      Jupiter in Scorpio: Blessings of ancestors; long life; emotional; good financial expert; shrewd; man of determination; courageous; rising fortune. Lot of Gold and wealth; will glitter like gold in his career. God’s blessings upon him. Proficient in state matters; may earn name fame, if honest and truthful.
9.      Jupiter in Sagittarius: Lover of traditions; upholder of family virtues and customs; rich inheritance; intellectual; interested in spiritualism; noble; helpful to all; eminent family; receives blessings from ancestors. An exalted planet in its exalted sign.
10.  Jupiter in Capricorn: Worst results; though intelligent yet will not get his due, i.e. will get less than what he deserves; loss of wealth; wastage of labour; though noble yet will be deprived of wealth and property. Father may note leave anything; but self-made rich after 36 years. Disruption in studies; till 36 years of age, his efforts are futile.
11.  Jupiter in Aquarius: Should be noble, humane and religious –minded for best result; otherwise lonely like a palm tree; timid and cowardly. In this sign Jupiter is almost zero; sisters will be thankless; must not be lustful.
12.  Jupiter in Pisces: Jupiter is in its own sign, hence noble and good ; such a person is tolerant ; well behaved; interested  in literature; forgiving nature; good towards enemies even; scholar; humane. The more liberal he is the more he learns: a lot of expenditure on household articles and good things; honest, truthful and good-doer.

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