Tuesday, June 12, 2012


LAL KITAB was written by the renowned astrologer, Rup Lal , in the late 19 th century and was published from Lahore in Pre-partitioned India. It was in Urdu, as during that time both the Hindus as well as Muslims read Urdu. It was the language of the court and was, in fact the first language of the pre-partitioned Punjab, extending from Delhi to the borders of Afghanistan. But this book is not available now. But Pundit Girdhari Lal resident of Pheruvala, Jallandhar published in 1952.
This rare book was quite popular in north-west India, Pakistan, Iran and many other countries. Shri. Rup Lal, The original author of Lalkitab, was not only an astrologer of great repute but also a sage he could see through the veil of unknown future.
In Lalkitab remedies are easy to follow, cheap and affordable. He has been observed that these are quite effective.
This book should be bound in a red cover which should not be very bright. All other colours will bring misfortune.  

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