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Chandra (Moon)

Moon (Chandra): she is the lord of mind, heart and eyes and sea travels. she is the mother Earth showering all the blessings on her children. If benefic, it bestows all wealth and comforts, filling the ocean of life with abundance of milk and wealth. But if malefic, it makes the man insane, psychic, who may even commit suicide. Its main period lasts for 10 years in a life cycle of 120 years. in Islamic astrology, it is called ‘Qamar’ or ‘Mah’ in Persian; the picture of tall man with both hands on his shoulder with a halo around his face.

Moon (Chandra) In your Horoscope.

1.      Moon in house no.1: Purity of heart; mother’s blessings; wealthy; long life; success in service matters. Must respect his mother for best luck; money spend on education will not go waste. If malefic, must not sell Milk and must not take bribe.
2.      Moon in House no. 2: Most exalted planet; bringer of best luck; self-made rich; eminent position; happiness from parents; will receive inherited wealth. Marriage in a wealth family; will receive education with mother’s blessings.
3.      Moon in House No. 3: Lord Shiva protects the person from death and destruction, loss and theft; fountain of goodness; wealthy; long life; good for meditation and devotion. If Mars is malefic, mother will oppose Him or vice versa.
4.      Moon in House no.4: Most exalted planet; ocean of milk; wicked planets even bow before the mother and give up their evil ways. Mists donate milk and keep his temper cool; good old age; successful in ancestral business; must complete his education.
5.      Moon in House no.5: Beautiful like a bird; Bird of good omen; fountain of pure milk, honest, truthful, soft spoken, polite; wealthy and must live abroad. Justice-loving and helpful to others; intelligent. Moon is asleep if house N0.9 is vacant (must take sweets before doing auspicious work). If malefic, man may use foul language and is an unsuccessful traveler over jungles and hills.
6.      Moon in House no.6 (Raashi effect): Complete lunar eclipse; good to those who are good to him and bad to evil- doers; believes in tit for tat. Moon, if alone bestows all luxuries I youth. When malefic, it may adversely affect the parents (especially mother) in their life and health.
7.      Moon in House no.7 (Raashi effect) : Best placement; very rich; incarnation of goddess of wealth if not aspected by enemies; expert astrologer; intelligent; must not quarrel with mother ; will enjoy all comforts, respect and esteem everywhere. If malefic, must donate milk, rich and silver; should not accept gifts of silver, milk, etc.
8.      Moon in House no.8: Worst; but bringer of good luck; long life ; may suffer from epilepsy, fits and swoons;  but will have children; must not deal in jewellery. If malefic, the most unfortunate, insane; life full of troubles; problems of heart, brain and eyes.
9.      Moon in House no.9: Precious jewel in the family; polite, humane, good-doer; noble. A perfect gentleman; may travel abroad. If malefic, life full of ups and downs likes a sandy desert.
10.  Moon in House no 10: Like poisonous and sour milk; Moon is meaningless in this house; must shun lustful conduct for better results; enmity with mother will spell doom; but long life . May earn  a lot as a surgeon; disruption in education.
11.  Moon in House no.11: In this Hose Moon is zero, i.e. worst. It is like without butte; life milk without butter; life full of storms. However, if it is in exalted Raashi, It gives best results.
12.  Moon in House no.12: Prone to flattery; face like that of a white cat; dreamer dreaming of past glory; like river in flood destroying inherited property and wealth; but self-created wealth will help; bathing with rain water will help. If Jupiter and Sun are exalted, results will be good.
1.      Moon in Aries: Emotional; quick-tempered; rich; mothers blessings; pure-hearted like milk; wealthy; long and successful life and service; learned; must respect his mother for best results; money spend on education will not go waste.
2.      Moon in Taurus: Most exalted; rich parents and in-laws; bringer of best luck; fountain of pure milk; self-made rich; mother’s blessings; must be blessed with a son; exalted status. Everything fine in wealth and education.
3.      Moon in Gemini: Learned; Quick-witted and resourceful; best result regarding property, wealth and marital affection; victorious over enemies; good-doer; humane; compassionate, savior of life; long meaningful life. If adversely accepted by ketu, result will be worst.
4.      Moon In Cancer: Fountain of sweet milk and water; benign mother’s blessings; complete education. Must respect mother, failing which a loser; emotional; loving; human; full of tranquility and peace of mind; bringer of good luck to parent; all comforts and luxuries.
5.      Moon in Leo: Proud; love for luxurious things; self-indulgent; a great organizer; like a bird of good omen; handsome; polite; intelligent; justice-loving; wealthy; may live abroad; devoted to parents; courageous in adversity; Highly qualified, i.e. complete education.
6.      Moon in Virgo: Shy and retiring; reticent; practical and methodical; learned, i.e. must complete his education; wise; moon bestows all pleasures in youth but always tense because of moon in Ketu’s / Mercury’s sign i.e. Lunar eclipse.
7.      Moon in Libra: Courteous; charming behavior; very rich; incarnation of goodness of wealth. Purity of thought and deeds; happy life; mother’s patronage; will be respected by all; poet; interested in astrology; all comforts; lots of gold and wealth; must respect the mother for best results. Must complete education before marriage.
8.      Moon in Scorpio: Worst results on mind and heart; highly emotional and depressed. If Moon in Taurus is exalted, it is most malefic in Scorpio. Afflicted with epilepsy; diseases of heart; weak heart; insanity; but bringer of good luck; will definitely be blessed with a son; long life; must not be lustful.
9.      Moon in Sagittarius: Rich inheritance; polite, humane; like a beautiful pearl; incarnation of ‘Moon’, i.e. noble; good-doer; full of milk of human kindness; may travel abroad; influential leader respected by all; ocean of knowledge; life full of comforts and luxuries; best luck with the blessings of parents.
10.  Moon in Capricorn: Moon in this sign is weak like sour and bitter milk; an unsuccessful physician but a great surgeon; in-law and property will be destroyed; may earn bad name; enmity with mother; obstacles in education but long life.
11.  Moon in Aquarius: Moon malefic; Moon is reduced to Zero in this sign. Life full of storms and whirlpools: weak in body; wild temperament; eccentric; moody; will however receive complete education; even if illiterate such a person is shrewd, subtle and intelligent; but most erratic and wild behavior.
Moon in Pisces: Idealistic; dreamer- always dreaming of the glorious past; highly sensitive; interested in occult; may even possess psychic powers; must control his pro-active sensibilities and highly charged  imagination; face like that of white cat; prone to flattery. Wife-source of strength in adversity; inherited property may be destroyed but will enjoy self-acquired wealth and property. Best results regarding education for self and children.

Favourite Colour – White
Favourite Day – Monday
Favourite God – Lord Shiva

The ill effect of Moon can be minimized and the good effects can be increased according to Indian mythology by doing the following tasks. Any or all of these, one can select as per one’s convenience.

To propitiate Moon, astrologers recommend donation of white cloth to needy and poor on Monday. It is also authoritatively stated that chanting of “Om Namah Shivaya” for a good length of time continuously leads to please Moon.
Worshipping Lord Shiva daily keeps Moon immensely pleased to quench even high ambitions of the person concerned, it is stated emphatically in astrology.
Fasting on Monday Brings favours Granted by Moon.
‘Mounavrat’(Total silence) practiced on Poornima (Full Moon) provides power and strengthening of mind.
Wearing of Pearl ring on the small finger on any Monday and continuing to wear it thereafter is yet one more piece of advice from our ancestors to please the Moon.ancestors to please the Moon.

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