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Gulika is extremely important as an active killer in Indian predictive astrology.
The Lagna, the Moon and Gulika falling in Dwiswabha (dual) or Sthira (fixed) signs prompt multiple ailments and fatality. In Chara Rashi (Movable signs), it leads to good health and long life.
The Lagna, the Moon and Gulika falling in mutual Trikonas in the Navamsa chart, particularly in Rashis 4, 8 and 12 are fatal. Such a native is disease prone and accident prone. This is according to the Prasnamarga.


Gulika in the fifth House, particularly in Rashis 3, 6, 10 and 11 leads to lack of children. In such a situation, the native likely to have some defect in his generative organs.
Gulika may ensure ensure successful conception when:
1.       The Gulika and Moon are in the same Sign
2.       Gulika is with the 5th lord.
3.       Gulika is aspected  by the 5th lord.
4.       Guika in the other sign of the 5th lord.
5.       Navamsa lords of gulika and the Moon are related mutually.
A successful conception results when Jupiter transits the times of Gulika rashi or Gulika navamsha rashi. When Gulika is any of the first six rashin (Mesha to Knya)Consider the transit of Jupiter from the gulika rashi. When it is in the last six signs (Thula to Meena), consider the transit from Gulika Navamsha rashi.

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  1. My son K Ramkumar @ Rajini We planned to his marriage all are vain./Due to the GUlikan (Mandhi) is sitting in 5th place with Sukkiran.A parihara Pooja will be conducted.Kindly send me what are the customs to be adopted? When we will come to your place?