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Mars in its own exalted sign  makes the person brave like a tiger; army or police officer; justice- loving; like a sward in its sheath; leader; trustful; fair and just; resourceful; eminent status; bureaucrat; good government job; independent and headstrong; a grate organizer; full of zeal and zest.
Quarrelsome; jealous; possessive; tactless; undiplomatic; highly sexed; may destroy his own property; opposition to and from his brothers; but brave enough; toward of attacks by enemies; full of determination and fortitude in adversity.
Restlessness; mental agility; determination justice loving, sarcastic wit are the hallmarks of "Mars in Gemini". Good for others but bad for self in respect of money and peace; chest problem; like a tiger in the zoo.
Most malefic; full of fire; diabolic tendencies; destroyer of happiness and wealth; worst placement; if not aspect ed by Sun, Moon or Jupiter; disease of stomach, intestines, uterus,and womb; burn or wound mark.
Brave like a Lion; of firm opinions; passionate; qualities of leadership; competent and efficient;ancestor of rich progeny scholarly; learned; very rich; helpful to all.
A contented saint or dervish; all pleasure from friends and spouse; must earn more than brothers; noble hear ted; sweet in speech; exalted position; popular among officers; colleagues and subordinates,etc. devoted to parents. a good organizer of work force; precise in all details and man of perseverance and resolution.
Supporter of family; very rich; lots of property;reliable; competent adviser; jolly just; good status. Marriage is more for social companionship than physical satisfaction; though sexually strong.
Industrious; courageous; powerful personality; domineering; ruthless; towards enemies, believes in the maxim  - "Tit for Tat". possessive and jealous in romantic relationship; extreme temperament; but a death trap; noose  of death around the neck; accident prone; wound and burn marks on the body. Expert in military affairs; intelligent but fear of death till 28 years. May be ring leader of shady charactors, but still leads a life of luxury; bad for marital happiness.  
Mars in this sign confers all wealth, comforts and happiness; administrator; ancestral wealth and greatness; precious ruby for family. Bringer of good luck to parents and self; lover of traditions; religious-minded; spiritualist in the fag end of life; full of strong, moral courage and convictions. a good placement indeed.
Most exalted royal and eminent status; life full of honey and sweetness; bold like a tiger; rich; lots of property; ambitious; decisive; independent in thinking. Head of an organization, army or civil services; very famous; domestic happiness; good health;. A renowned and powerful leader, provided it should be alone and not aspected by enemy planet.
Exalted; life sweet like honey; noble, rich; king like status at the age of 28 years; all comforts and luxuries; independent thinking; very intelligent; unconventional in his approach to problems.
Unhappy married life; bad eye sight; believer in occult; emotional; brooding nature; unnecessary and foolish expenditure; diseased lack of confidence.


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