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Astrologers consider the varies parts of the body as being ruled by certain signs of the Zodiac. Naturally, many diseases are associated with these signs governing a specific disease and part of body.Astrologers there for divide the body according to the ruling signs. Following are the ailments associated with the particular signs and recommended diets, besides the remedies suggested in previous posts. These may be followed in right perspective.

Aries is the lord of head and face. Arians often suffer from severe headache. this sign also controls adrenaline. It may cause physical problems; nervousness, tension of the mind and bad digestion. Such a person should take lots of vegetables and fruits rich in potassium,phosphate,viz. tomatoes, brown rise,beans, bananas,etc. but these should be taken in consultation with a specialist.
This sign is the presiding lord of throat.,vocal chords and neck,hence such persons are prone to bad colds and sinusitis. Astro-physicians recommended a diet rich in minerals. they also advise the patients to take a lot of water to keep the kidneys perfectly in order. Fish, cauliflower,spinach,onions, raw nuts, etc. are recommended as these are rich in minerals and iodine.
It is the presiding lord of lungs, nerves, arms and shoulders. Such persons are prone to accidents which may break the collar bone. Doctors recommend food rich in potassium, chloride and calcium. Such a diet helps restore patient's health in matters of respiratory problems such as asthma,bronchitis,etc. Obviously, such patients are advised to take carrots,oranges, raisins,milk and cheese in plenty.
It is the presiding sign of the breast, eyes, heart, stomach and the alimentary canal. It may cause bleeding of gums, varicose veins, eyes and heart problem. Thy usually suffer from indigestion and ulcers. They are generally delicate and of weak health. they are advised to take food rich in calcium, such as eggs, curd, beetroot, milk, cabbage, fish and crab.
This is the presiding Raashi for back, heart and spinal chord. such persons are vulnerable to heart attacks. In order to control the above ailments, one should take diet rich in magnesium, phosphate and iron,viz. almonds, wheat,rice, eggs,beetroot, dates, raisins and spinach.
This sign of Zodiac rules over the nervous system and intestines. They are worried over trifles and hence suffer from indigestion and restlessness. Such a person may suffer from hair loss, dandruff, acne, itching, constipation,etc. Food rich in potassium, sulphate, such as leafy vegetables, lemons, almonds, curd, rice,papaya, egg,etc. are recommended.
This Raashi presides over the kidneys and hips. although they are well balanced in their thoughts and way of life, yet are prone to kidney problem. Let us advise such persons to take,rich in sodium,phosphate viz. apple,peas, carrots,corn, radish, tomatoes,wheat, green vegetables, salad and fresh fruit.
The sign is the presiding lord of sex organs. Thy are over sexed and do not believe in doing things by halves, i.e. they cross the limits. Suppression of sexual desire may lead  to frustration and cruel behavior.
The sign is the presiding Raashi of liver, hips and thighs. Thy become fat if they do not exercise regularly. Women develop flab at hips and thighs. In order to control falling of hair, skin problem,or bleeding of gums, one should take food rich in silica, high proteins, i.e.fruits,vegetables, salad,apple, potatoes and fish.
This is the ruling sign of bones, knees, joints and teeth. To prevent rickets, spinal, dental, orthopedic ailments, arthritis,rheumatism etc. One should take almonds, oranges, lemons, potatoes, wheat, etc. - food rich in plenty of calcium and phosphate.
It presides over calves, ankles and circulation system. they suffer from disease of varicose veins and arteries. They should eat diet rich in sodium, chloride,i.e.sea food, spinach, almonds and fruits like oranges and lemon.
This sign is the lord of legs, feet, toes and mucous membrane. Piceans have weak immune system; drugs should be given after great care and thought. Such people are advised to take eggs, grapes, oranges, lemons,etc. to overcome such ailments a slow blood pressure, general debility, heart problem, inflammation of joints,etc.
There are three types of' 'Doshas' in Ayurveda. They are 'Vatha dosha', 'Pitta dosha' and 'Kapha dosha'.
Planets are the 'Karakas' of these 'Doshas'


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