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Planets in Raashis- GURU (JUPITER)

·         Jupiter:  He is the great ‘guru’ or the teacher, preceptor and guide of the gods. If exalted the man becomes learned; scholarly, specialist in languages and pious and noble, but when malefic, man become a poor sadhu and is reduced to utter poverty like sudama in Hindu mythology. He is Load Brahma of the Hindu trinity of god s and is the creator of the Universe. Its main period lasts for 16 years in a cycle of 120 years. In Islamic astrology, he is called ‘Mushtri’ or ‘Barjis ‘ an old venerable man with a book in his hand

The status of
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1.      Jupiter in House no. 1: if exalted and man is educated, he enjoys kings-like status; may be a scientists or doctor doing research; scholarly; bringer of good luck for parents at the age of 16 years and himself become famous in old age .Exalted service, status , prosperous ; victory over enemies ; good-nature but short-tempered; age not less than 75 years; bold like a tiger. If malefic, person is a famous sadhu, but poor.
2.      Jupiter in House no. 2: temple of God, where ‘Great Guru’ resides; exalted position; best government job; wealth, promotion and property come to him without any effort; will inherit property come to him without any effort; will inherit property; noble, pious, hospitable, rich, provided House no.8 is not vacant. If malefic, person Brings disaster and misfortune on the family.
3.      Jupiter in house no 3: a sincere friend, but a deadly foe. If mars is exalted, such a person is just and fair in his dealings; intelligent, wise; comfortable life; very powerful and brave. If mars is malefic, such a person is coward, unlucky and quarrelsome; will be a terror for others and will rob other’ wealth and property.
4.      Jupiter in house no 4: grand house; foundation of wealth; ocean full of milk; seat of justice; wealthy; tranquility of mind ; full of fortitude and courage during bad times; smiling face; compassionate; Goddess Lakshmi smile upon him; beautiful spouse and obedient children; in fact, the best  planet. If malefic, worst fate; will be responsible for his own doom and family’s destruction, especially when Rahu and Ketu are bad, and is aspected by Venus, Saturn and Mercury from House no 10.
5.      Jupiter in House no 5: exalted status; rich after birth of a son; enjoys respect and esteem; short- tempered yet noble and  large - hearted.
6.      Jupiter in House no 6 (Raashi Effect): Parasite, enjoying at other’s expense; will get everything effortlessly; prosperous maternal uncles, but not helpful. IF malefic, life full of sorrows and sufferings.
7.      Jupiter in House no 7 (Raashi Effect): asthmatic; sadhu in previous birth: unhappy with brother and sisters; rise after marriage; late birth of a son; may settle away from relatives; bad investments but leader of family and well-to-do.
8.      Jupiter in House no 8: philanthropist; rich; long life; have blessings of ancestors and god’s blessings too. If mars is malefic, a poor sadhu living in a graveyard.
9.      Jupiter in House no 9: Most exalted planet; rising fortune; interest in spiritualism; very rich fore -fathers; noble and royal wealth and lineage; upholder of family values. If aspected by both Venus and moon, life full of ups and downs.
10.  Jupiter in House no 10: Worst results; loss of money; disruption in studies; receives nothing from parents in life and even after their death; intelligent but does not get his due; Must not indulge in lustful acts. Very bad from 27-36 years of age,but good after that.
11.  Jupiter in House no 11. Lonely like a palm tree; like gilded gold; if good to others, he will be fortunate; worst fate after father’s death; father leaves nothing for him; should be noble and religious –minded for best result. Sister will be thankless; he himself will be a coward. If lustful – worst fate, even shroud will be provided by strangers at his death.
12.  Jupiter in house no 12: the more he earns , the more he should donate. Lost of money: a competent adviser; a yogi full of kindness and love; blessed with divine feelings. If malefic, man will not be able to use his own wealth though rich.

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