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Venus (shukra): It is a beautiful and sweet-tongued planet. It refers to marital happiness if exalted and discord if malefic. If exalted, it confers all pleasures on the spouse and if malefic, it is lustful and undependable .in Hindu mythology, it refers to goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth and monetary well-being. Its main period lasts for 20 years and a life cycle of 120 years. In Islamic astrology, it is called ‘Zauhara’ or ‘Naheed’ in Persian. It is the picture of a beautiful woman with a musical instrument in her hand
Venus in 12 Houses

Venus in House no. 1: It is both good and bad in this House; man / woman of extreme temperament; will fall in love without consideration of status, caste and even creed; will sacrifice all for the lover; may lose his heart and soul to the lover or even paramour. If malefic, ill-health of wife; loss of his own health and wealth; but all comforts.
1.       Venus in House no. 2: If benefic, God’s blessings on the couple. Wealth; will have plenty of everything; best domestic life; exalted personal fate; victory over enemies. If malefic, wife / husband will be incapable of producing a child; may suffer from anemia or sexual weakness; may have to adopt a child; lustful conduct will spell ruin.
2.       Venus in House no. 3: Venus will confer best results; faithful and loving spouse; wife is tigress in temper, but a coward; wife is a spouse; wife is tigress in temper, but a coward; wife is a source of inspiration; will stand by him through thick and thin. He must love her and remain faithful to her, otherwise she will dominate him and he will have to remain meek and humble before her. If Mars is benefic, Venus will bestow good results, otherwise bad.
3.       Venus in House no. 4 (Raashi Effect) : Life will be fine and good for 4-5 years after marriage, thereafter discord between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Lustful conduct and illicit relations with loose character woman / man will bring ruin.
4.       Venus in House no.5: House full of children; if noble, best results; love for land, family and birth place; will never lose his job till wife’s life. If lustful, Worst results on self, and not on wife and children.
5.       Venus in House no. 6: (Worst effect) Good for nothing man; impotent man; barren woman. If woman is loved and respected, man will prosper, otherwise will lose all; eunuch; like a sparrow; unreliable woman. Insulting attitude towards all, even for elders and friends; flattery of woman; but good health and eyesight. When Venus in no.6 is malefic, the person may do foolish things and may even donate hiss all but God protects him; skin troubles; even deprived of the affection of his wife.
6.       Venus in House no.7:  Most exalted planet; ‘Though one-eyed’, it confers all comforts, pleasures and benefits; noble and faithful spouse. Lustful conduct will spell doom and destruction. Business with in-laws will result in loss.
7.       Venus in House no.8 (worst effect): Short-tempered spouse; domineering attitude; will always have her say; must pray in a temple, mosque or church. Must not accept bribes and must not marry before 25 years of age.
8.       Venus in House no. 9: Rich ancestor, but bad for children; may have to work hard for earning his livelihood; through intelligent and competent officer; even if he is rich, will have to work hard. If malefic, life full of storms; may have to spend a lot on wife’s health.
9.       Venus in House no.10: If Saturn is exalted, best results; noble; faithful wife; one may dream of beautiful woman or may make love to another woman; one must be of good character. In youth a lover, But a preacher in old age. Must be of good character and must not be lustful.
10.   Venus  in House no. 11: Lots of wealth; but effeminate; prone to allergy of skin; lack of sexual urges; outwardly simple but very clever like a snake; wavering mind; beautiful wife; handsome man, keen to earn more and more.
11.   Venus in House no. 12: Most exalted planet if in Pisces: faithful wife; bringer of good luck; confers all pleasures and comforts- whether domestic or sexual .Good luck after marriage; fond of music, poetry, etc. Exalted status in service; victory over enemies. Best placement indeed. When a man passes through bad times, Wife inspires him; survives his family; all pleasures from wife but not vice versa. If wife suffers from ill-health, Husband should bury blue flower in a deserted place.

                             Venus (Shukra) In Raashis

1.      Venus in Aries: No discrimination of caste and creed in matter of love; but good for service, wealth and monetary benefits; undependable; like a moth hovering over other woman; all family members will get advantage; leader in the family; bad health of spouse; romantic temperament; impulsive and emotional in matter of love; excessive sex may cause ruin.
2.      Venus in Taurus: Most exalted, being in its own sign; all comforts-wealth, marital happiness, domestic peace. Victory over enemies; wooed by many beautiful women; faithful; refined and graceful behavior; but passionate and sexual- the characteristics of Venus- the goddess of   love and beauty; lover of luxuries with extravagant tastes; exalted status. Venus bestows all her charms upon the native.
3.      Venus in Gemini: Loyal and devoted wife; best results; charitable sis position (amicable disposition); polite and sociable. In adversity, she inspires him and acts like a bold man. Must not cheat his wife.
4.      Venus in Cancer: Travels on land will bring best results; clash between wife and mother-in-law after about four years as Moon is hostile to Venus and not vice versa. In the beginning all comforts, luxuries and wealth; prone to changing moods, like the waxing and waning of Moon. Sensitive and romantic, imbibing the traits of both Venus and Moon.
5.      Venus in Leo: Affectionate; deeply attached to family; cheerful; may earn a lot; easily attracted to the opposite sex. If of good conduct, life is fine; if lustful, then worst results.
6.      Venus in Virgo: Most malefic; carpet knight; flatterer of women; may suffer from skin aliments: insulting attitude towards relations; domestic peace is destroyed; may do foolish accts but protected by nature; may be even sexually weak; sex-ridden.
7.      Venus In Libra: Best Placement, as Venus is in her own exalted sign; if alone, it is the most exalted–domestic happiness; wealthy; noble and loyal wife; a very happy couple indeed; interested in fine arts, poetry, music, love of all good things including beautiful woman
8.      Venus in Scorpio: Malefic; short-tempered; always angry; ill-fated; sickly; haughty spouse; emotional intensity and over indulgence in sex may cause ruin; must not marry before 25th year (the age of Venus).
9.      Venus in Sagittarius:  Resourceful; wise; administrator; though rich yet will have to work hard for livelihood; darling of the society; source of inspiration to others; achieves fame and name through his own efforts.
10.  Venus in Capricorn: Venus is Saturn’s friend. If Saturn is exalted, Venus automatically confers best result regarding wealth, domestic happiness, luxury of conveyance; power. Sometime he marries in a rich status family. If of lustful conduct and unfaithful to wife, he is ruined. Such a person is lover of women in youth but a noble preacher in old age – case of sinner in youth turning preacher in old age.
11.  Venus in Aquarius:  Beautiful wife; rich man; outwardly a simpleton, but very clever and subtle like a snake. Being in Saturn’s sign, it confers a lot of wealth; irreligious; lover of fairer sex; rebellious and lover of good things of life; given to eccentric and strange mode of dress.
Venus in Pisces: Most exalted; wife confers all pleasure- sexual and domestic. Best luck after marriage; exalted status; supported of family; full of enthusiasm; poet; fond of music and all beautiful and fine things of life; romantic and idealistic; full of compassion and milk of human kindness. In Fact, best placement in the Birth chart.

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