Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Debilitating Planets

Sun in Debilitation: In enemy's House and enemy's Raashi gives the worst results; such a man is jealous, always ready to obey others; sinful and mean rival; faces humiliation; ignominy; is mocked by all and butt of ridicule.

Moon in Debilitation: In enemy's House and Raashi gives the worst results; insane; epileptic; undependable; mean spy; sickly; destroyer of wealth; given to fits and swoons; always worried; tense and depressed; suffers  because of mother.

Mars in Debilitation: In enemy's House and sign an ungrateful wretch; destroyer of wealth and property; a doubting person; thief; terrorist; lustful; malicious in speech and deeds; instigator of riots; wicked; full of venom, hatred and ill- will.

Mercury in Debilitation: in enemy's House and Sign- an insipid and ordinary life; may run away from home; destroyer of everything; reviled and mocked by all. Incoherent talker; talks a lot, but all meaningless; flatterer, sycophant; useless and mean knowledge.

Jupiter in Debilitation: In enemy's House and Sign-poor Sadhu; so learned like "Kuchela"; ignoble; given to self-praise; little prospects in life; faces in many ups and downs; receives bad publicity though innocent.

Venus in Debilitation: In Enemy's House and Sign-lustful; wicked; lover of women; illicit relations with women of loose morals; as physical wreck; may suffer from diseases; a senile and wretched domestic life.

Saturn in Debilitation: In enemy's House and Sign-a drunkard; a stinging snake up the sleeves; full of mean and bad thoughts; subtle and vile conspirator; a poor laborer; illiterate; may commit foul and dirty acts; always unhappy; a blind horoscope; lustful and given to bad ways of life.

Rahu in Debilitation: In enemy's House and Sign-a litigant; involved in criminal cases; earns by cheating and looting others; but still under debt; hand to mouth living; unnecessary expenditure; but achieves his goal by crushing others; a polluted and notorious mind full of malice; a perverted genius; misdirected intellect.

Ketu in Debilitation: Ketu is Rahu's serf and slave. It acts according to its master's dictates; hence as mean and vile as Rahu; a roguish bad son; a complaining dog. Inauspicious for the family; a son who brings bad names to parents.

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