Tuesday, July 31, 2012

AS YOU ARE BORN ON SUNDAY....(Panchanga Phalam)

As you are born on Sunday you will have courage to face difficult situations in life. People will appreciate your sincerity and intelligence. You enjoy travels.

Birth on a Monday make you soft spoken and pleasing. You tend to remain calm in some situations where most others may react violently. You have clean intentions at heart.

Birth on on a Tuesday indicates that you show your anger without hesitation. You may enjoy adventures sports. You do not mind changing your words or decisions. You have the energy to go after your goals and achieve results.

Birth on a Wednesday indicates that you will show interest in higher intellectual pursuits. You value your freedom. You show respect to elders.

Birth on a Thursday make you kind and compassionate. You can look forward to a happy family life. You combine practical wisdom and a philosophical and religious approach to life in a seamless manner.

Born on a Friday you will have an affinity to white and light coloured clothes and objects. You have a natural attraction to agriculture and landed properties. You are quick to understand and reciprocate to the feelings of people around You.

Birth on a Saturday indicates that you may prefer to stay inactive until circumstances force you step forward. You enjoy delay tactics. You have to control your tendency to gossip. You cannot afford to spend as lavishly as you would like to. You tend to be emotional and sensitive in nature.


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