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Mercury (Budh): it is the most powerful planet, through a eunuch .if friendly it bestows all favors. It is the most deadly enemy if malefic .man with benefic mercury is well – ready, jolly and liberal; and one weak or malefic Mercury is a flatterer who indulges in meaningless talk. According to Hindu Mythology, it is all power goddess Durga. Its main period lasts for 17 years in life cycle of 120 years .in Islamic astrology; It is called ‘Attaroo’. It is the picture of an old man with along beard, carrying a pen in his hand and a piece of paper resting on the knees; as if he is writing something.

1.       Mercury in House no. 1: Exalted position; administrator but selfish; best in girl’s Birth chart. Even malefic planets lose their sting; more exalted than Sun in service matters; life of luxury but greedy; foul-mouthed if addicted to wine.

2.       Mercury in House no.2: Best personal fate; good for in-laws; witty; self-made rich; good writer; well-read; serve the family well; mother will live long; life of luxury and comforts. If malefic, problems in the birth of male child; bad investments; sisters, daughters and aunts may oppose him

3.       Mercury in House no. 3: Worst scenario; a leper to be shunned; bat hanging upside down; destroys house no. 4, 5, 9 and 11. Bad for others but good for self.

4.       Mercury in house no. 4: Mercury in cancer is the most exalted; lost of wealth; exalted service but restless and under tension; happy couple. Mother like a swan who has given birth to a precious jewel. Mentally active; perfect Raj Yoga; multi-millionaire.

5.       Mercury in House no.5:    Man of great learning and knowledge; best for couples but bad for father; an expert and divinely gifted astrologer. Everything beautiful, Good and full of wealth and happiness.

6.       Mercury in House no. 6: Most exalted; liberal; Mercury acts as a loyal servant to the person; self-made rich; life is lovely and fragrant like a flower; good results of sea travel; successful trader; writer and speaker; intelligent; owner of lands; honesty will reward him. All planets become exalted, if Mercury is best. If dishonest and corrupt doctor, He will be a loser; must shun ill-gotten wealth and corrupt ways.

7.       Mercury in House no. 7: Will never be bad in girl’s Birth Chart, But in boy’s Horoscope, he will help others but remain where he is. Educated; good old age; good business; victory over enemies. A precious diamond for the family; age 80 years. Malefic Mercury will destroy both Mars and Venus.

8.       Mercury in House no. 8: Worst fate; financial loss; poisonous; leper to be shunned; disease of teeth, veins and intestines. Loss of income; death trap; financial problems; loss in career; worst scenario indeed.
9.       Mercury in House no.9: A king who is afflicted with leprosy, i.e. who is discarded by all. Mercury in Sagittarius is the most debilitating and worst; ill-fated; short-lived even. If a person stammers in childhood, it may not be that bad but still it is the most debilitating.

10.   Mercury in House no. 10 (Raashi effect): A flatterer leading a comfortable life but thankless and selfish; sly like a snake and cunning; planner, if Saturn is good and Mercury will confer good results, otherwise bad. Must not be addicted to drugs and must have control over his tongue and language.

11.   Mercury in House no.11: Very rich; a precious diamond; prosperous and rich after 34thyear. If malefic, it will bring disaster; ill-mannered; worst result till 34th year.

12.   Mercury in House no.12 (Worst Raashi effect) :  Worst results; fate like that of a mad dog; sleepless nights; short-tempered; foul-mouthed; may run away; undependable; worst fate awaits him. Bad name; humiliation; loss of income and money; may face ignominy and imprisonment on account of alleged fraud, cheating, etc But in woman’s Birth chart it is not malefic.




Though selfish, yet such a person achieves honour, fame and exalted status; will never wealth; mercurial temperament; hence unreliable but clever; pleasing to fair sex and proficient; impulsive and hasty in his decisions; outspoken.

Man of letters; sweet tongued; best fate; lucky but selfish; writer; public speaker; victorious; witty;   self made rich, inflexible in his views; cheerful; pleasure – seeker; long – lived.

Good for self but bad for others; good reasoning power; inquisitive; eloquent; fickle; like a eunuch; lack of emotional warmth but well versed in scriptures.

Most exalted; man of letters; like a philosopher’s stone turning baser metal  in to gold; good for self and wife; but restless; precious diamond of the family; very rich indeed an exalted sign, if alone.

Learned;  scholarly;  an astrologer; truthful; wealthy; but a little arrogant and peevish; good speaker and organizer.

Exalted being in its own sign; rich; liberal; successful and prosperous in business; versatile and intelligent; famous writer or speaker or poet; master of lands; victory over opponents. Must be honest and not greedy, if doctor; logical in reasoning.

Precious diamond for the family; successful business man; victory in all court cases; learned; forceful writer; like a philosopher’s stone helping and enriching others, but rich himself too. Peaceful and harmonious life; creative and artistic; may be interested in modelling and fine arts.

Most malefic ; ill – fated ; notorious; sex- ridden; addicted to vices; loser of wealth; an infectious leper ; a fading  flower; foul – mouthed; sharp tongue; sarcastic and critical; subtle and shy; disease of mouth, teeth and tongue. White and eating up the house; financial losses.

 Being in enemy sign, it is malefic; such a person is ill fated, like a bat hanging upside down; helper of family members; un reliable like a shameless maid; but sincere, versatile and humane; even learned writer.

It is a friendly sign, hence comfortable life but a sycophant, selfish, subtle and cunning like a snake; ambitious, shrewd, materialistic but narrow-minded. Lacking sense of humour. If Saturn is malefic, everything goes awry and wrong. Addiction to drug and wine will ruin him. Malefic Saturn’s effect is visible on his psyche, i.e. he is wicked and sly like a stinging snake.

Mercury’s effect will depend on Jupiter-good or bad; wealth and property after 34th year, i.e. after Mercury’s life period; like a diamond; but ill –omened like an owl; accursed; foolish; worst results till 34th year. Such a person is unemotional but can see through enemy’s sinister schemes; interested in occult and astrology.

If alone, it is the most devastating and malefic; comfortable long life, but sleepless nights; day dreamers; over sensitive and artistic ,hence full of unfettered imagination; self respecting but deceiver at heart; such person like a mad dog; wavering nature; unreliable; sharp tongued; rash bad for speculations; may face humiliation, ignominy and loss of wealth, etc. Especially Mercury in Pisces along in house no. 12is the worst in the birth chart.

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