Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rahu-Ketu Relationship and remedies in LALKITAB

Rahu-Ketu relationship has been interpreted differently by different astrologers. Some call Rahu as an earthquake tremor and Ketu as the accompanying storm. Others think that they are the angels writing the book of fate. some are of the opinion that they are symbol of day and night. The consensus of opinion is in the favor of Rahu (as snake's hood) and Ketu as its tail or Rahu as the mad elephant and Ketu as the naughty boy or pig. It is, however,a fact that two wicked planets mislead a man to evil ways. Rahu eclipses Sun, but its tremors are checked by Moon In short, these two represent the forces of evil. There is saying that a secret no longer remains a secret, if it is divulged to someone and a women who becomes a vagabond, is also not dependable, so is the case with Rahu and Ketu. They are evil persons, as they are the agents of Saturn. Further, if Rahu or Ketu is in House no.8, Saturn may be deemed to be in House no. 8, though it may be occupying some other house. The result will depend upon the placement of Saturn (good or bad). It may also be noted that Ketu is Rahu's alter-ego or serf or a slave. It always follows Rahu's commands and willingly submits to Rahu's will. There is a Persian saying, which means "I(Ketu) have offered services and powers to you (i.e.Rahu); now all depends upon you, whether to increase or decrease my powers, I will act under your behest
1. If you want to assess the effect of Rahu, adopt remedy for Moon i.e. keep a pure piece of silver with you. This will help.
2. If you want to know the intentions of Ketu, adopt remedy as for Sun i.e. keep a piece of copper with you or feed monkeys with jaggery or throw copper or wheat or jaggery in to running water. This will help.
3. If Rahu/Ketu in House no.1, remedy lies in Sun i.e. keep a piece of copper; or throw copper or wheat or jaggery in the running water or feed monkeys with jaggery.
4. If Rahu/Ketu in House no. 4 adopt remedy for Jupiter i.e. keep gold or saffron or throw gram dal, saffron etc. in running water
5. For Rahu/Ketu in House no. 7 adopt remedy for Saturn i.e. donate 'Urad' (black pulses) or coconut or almond or iron articles, such as iron tong or iron plate.
6. For Rahu/Ketu in House no. 10, adopt remedy for Mars, donate or throw 'Masur' pulses or sugar in running water. Keep red handkerchief.



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