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  Ketu: it is a dog that leads the man to the hut of a dervish or sadhu, IT also refers to son if exalted, one is blessed with noble sons; if malefic; son goes astray and brings ignominy to presents. It is called “Dragons Tail” and has no independent existence of its own. it acts as a slave to Rahu and acts at Rahu’s dictates. In Persian astrology, It is called ‘Zunab’.Astronomically Ketu and Rahu denote the points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon as they move on the celestial sphere. Therefore, Rahu and Ketu are respectively called the north and south lunar nods. The fact that eclipses occur when the Sun and the Moon are at one of these points gives rise to the myth of the swallowing of the Sun and the Moon by the demean snake.
·        KETU IN 12 HOUSES

1.       Ketu in House no.1: Man having imaginary unfounded fears about children and job; will never lose job; if he lose one the other will be available; serves his father and teachers.
2.       Ketu in House no.2: Generous and liberal; rich but will spend a lot; mother may not like him but wife will respect and love him, i.e. loving and adoring wife; must not be lustful for better results.
3.       Ketu in House no. 3: A sadhu; a good-doer; thankful to benefactor and forgives the enemy; helpful to all, especially the relatives who will be ungrateful and may slap court case on him. No happiness from children even
4.       Ketu in House no. 4: Complete Lunar eclipse; tension; depression; noble, wise and religious-minded; bad for mother but not for father; full of wild thoughts; bad health – physical as well as mental.
5.       Ketu in House no.5: If of good character, he will be blessed with two sons; and Ketu’s result will be the best. If lustful, he loses his beauty and youth and looks old even in youth; a lot of financial benefits; faithful to father
6.       Ketu in House no. 6: Worst; most debilitating; complete Lunar eclipse; but clever and shrewd; undependable; coward and good for nothing; lose his confidence; large number of enemies who are out to harm him.
7.       Ketu in House no. 7: If benefic, will earn a lot of wealth; victorious; a rich man; Ketu, like a faithful dog, will protect the master and pounce upon enemies; very lovable character. If an egoist, he will be a loser. Must not be short-tempered for happ domestic life; must keep his  word
8.       Ketu in House no.8: Worst; groaning and barking dog that scares away all; must not be lustful; may suffer from urinary troubles, boils, wounds, etc. Its effect will be still wores if House no.2 is vacant.
9.       Ketu in House no.9: Best and most exalted; bringer of good luck for parents; may live abroad; self-made rich; the more the gold, the richer; most fantastic results regarding wealth, travels, etc.
10.   Ketu in House no.10: (Raashi effects): Rich; will never lose wealth. If Saturn is good, Ketu is doubly good; forgiving nature will help. If lustful, he will invite his own ruin. Must be of good character.
11.   Ketu in House no.11: Self-made rich provided Mercury is not in House no.3; learned; wise but jackal-like dog. Kethus’s effect is exalted for the birth of son.
12.   Keu in House no. 12: Exalted; best placement; name and fame; best luck and wealth after son’s birth; helpful to family; will have rich and loyal sons. Everything will be fine regarding wealth and property; luxurious life.


1.       Ketu in Aries: In enemy’s sign, it gives bad results; full of unnecessary worries and fears; unhappy; tale carrier but a good orator; a linguist; may suffer from windy troubles; worried about children and job, but will have a son and another job, i.e. misplaced worries; will serve well father as well as teacher
2.       Ketu in Taurus:  Traveler; a good talker; noble; sadhu; unhappy with relatives; but prosperous administrator; generous and liberal; may be opposed by mother, but the darling of wife.
3.       Ketu in Gemini: Contented sadhu; brave; wealthy but restless for brothers; may live away from relatives; good-doer; forgets the harm done to him but is grateful to the benefactor; may even be opposed by brothers; even children will not give happiness and solace; may live abroad and earn a lot.
4.       Ketu in Cancer: Ketu in the sign of ifs deadliest foe, i.e. moon is the most malefic, but noble, pious, wise and resourceful; a groaning or a complaining dog, i.e. may lose lands, property and all comforts, loss of wealth, full of imaginary worries and wild thoughts. M<ay live away from home; bad of mother; hard-working but always restless and under tension; complete Lunar eclipse, i.e. mond is perturbed and health is lost.
5.       Ketu in Leo:  Makes a person timid and short-tempered; sun’s effect becomes dim; full of evil thoughts. Handsome, but if lustful, he becomes a withered flower. If of good character, will be blessed with sons and good status. If Jupiter is weak, son may suffer from allergies and respiratory troubles; devoted to father.
6.       Ketu in Virgo: Most malefic; complete Lunar eclipse; shrewd and intelligent; sees through the enemy’s diabolical schemes. If Jupiter is exalted in the Birth chart, everything is fine- long life, good sons wealthy; may visit foreign lands; but unreliable and cowardly who loses his confidence, as Ketu is weak in its own sign, being Mercury’s enemy.
7.       Ketu in Libra: Tiger-like dog; lots wealth; lovable character; second dutiful son; victory over enemies; enemies will be doomed; but should not be a loser. If bitter and sharp-tongued, unhappy family life.
8.       Ketu in Scorpio: Short-lived; wound marks with weapons; or stinging bit from scorpion; may have premonition of death; like a groaning dog mourning the losses .Must not be of loose charter; he will then invite his own doom in matters of health, family life and wife’s health.
9.       Ketu in Sagittarius: Exalted; bringer of good luck for parents; may live abroad; bold like a tiger and faithful like a dog; best adviser; dutiful sons; advantages in travels; bad for mother; self-made rich.
10.   Ketu in Capricorn: Saturn’s position – good or bad – decides Ketu’s fate; rich but lustful; all luxuries at his feet; hard-working; brave and a leader. It is the lust for sex with other woman that will destroy him; must be of good character and everything will be fine and rosy.
11.   Ketu in Aquarius: Meager earnings; no fame; no reward for his merit; jackal-like dog; learned and intelligent; less of land property, but earning will increase after 36 years. In a girl’s horoscope, it will be just the reverse, i.e. a good placement; bad for mother. If Saturn is in man’s horoscope, wife may lose son in the womb.
Ketu in Pisces: Exalted; will earn from travels and lands; rich and healthy sons; very rich; may inherit property; life full of comforts and luxuries, prestige; devoted to parents, helpful to others but unhappy with bothers and in-laws; sons and brothers will occupy good position in service.

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