Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Results Of Exalted Planets in Your Horoscope

Exalted Sun: in its own house and Raashi gives the best results, i.e. power wealth, respect, name and fame, glory all luxuries and comforts; dominance over others.  Such a person will shine like the Sun on the firmament of life; very famous indeed.
Exalted Moon: in its own house and Raashi confers wealth honor, fame, though slippery and unsteady, gives all luxuries and pleasures of marital life.
Exalted Jupiter; in its on House and Raashi confers knowledge, nobility, generosity,etc. Such a man is wise, learned, well versed in morals; reliable; linguist; a good adviser.
Exalted Mars: in its own House and Raashi confers all authority, power, position, exalted status in police or army or some famous organisation. Such a person never fails in his duty; rich with a large number of servants and subordinates.
Exalted Mercury: in its own House and Raashi makes a man learned; eminent; writer or poet, doctor, editor, mathematician, businessman; auditor; accountant; honored by society for his erudition and scholarship; jovial in disposition.
Exalted Venus: in its own House and Raashi such a person is a greate lover of music, poetry, dance, beautiful women; full of zest for sexual life; life of luxury in the company of women who court and help him.Very lucky; happy domestic life; rise after marriage.
Exalted Saturn: in its own house and Raashi such a person is a rich landowner; leader of men; gets wealth from unexpeted quarters; winner of lottary; may earn through speculations and investments; treasurer.
Exalted Rahu: in its own exalted House and Raashi such a man achieves eminence, power authority and wealth through fraudulent means and by brow beating others; sex-ridden; elephant that rises the man to the skies and make him rich.
Exalted Ketu: in its own exalted House and Raashi such a man is bringer of good luck to parents, bold like a pig and faithful like a dog; lives abroad; eminent status; rich; generous and stingy both; sex-ridden; leader or captain of a team.

Planets in friend's Houses and in their own Raashis  also give beneficial results, but not as exalted as the ones enumerated above.
Planets in friend's Houses and Raashis are also benefice and confer good results.
 Exalted planets in their own Raashi, but in Inimical Houses are partially good and partially bad.

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