Saturday, August 11, 2012

Spouse's Features and Nature

1. When Sun and Mercury are positioned separately in the birth chart, wife's nature will be as indicated below:
Sun in earlier house and Mercury in later houses:
Good-natured wife, provided is not aspected by Saturn.
Sun in later house and Mercury in earlier houses:
Spouse will not be good-natured.
2. If Sun and Mercury are together in the birth chart, spouse's nature will be as under:
(a) When Sun -Mercury are benefic and without any adverse aspect and also not joined by Saturn or enemy planets, spouse will be good natured.
(b) When Sun-Mercury are adversely aspected or joined by enemy planets, spouse will be cunning and sly like a snake.
One Living Spouse and Happy Domestic Life:
1. Mercury and Venus are exalted with friendly aspects.
2. Saturn aspecting Sun.
3. Saturn and Venus helping each other and without any inimical aspect.
4. Mercury in house No. 1 or 6 and Venus benefic.
In all above cases, there will be one living spouse full of family bliss and happiness.

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