Thursday, August 9, 2012

Instant Remedies For Malefic Planets (LAL KITAB)

Instant Remedies for Immediate Effect (Lal Kitab)

1.       Malefic Jupiter: Put a little saffron in a drop of milk, paste it on navel, put a dot on forehead and also take it.
2.       Malefic Sun : Throw Jaggery (Gur) or wheat in river
3.       Malefic Moon: Place a small vessel of milk under the pillow at night and water the “keekar’ tree with that milk in morning.
4.       Malefic Venus: Donate white barley (jowar)
5.       Malefic Mars: Throw pieces of sweet bread and ‘Reoris’ (sweet made of Gaggery and til) in to river during stomach pain.
6.       Malefic Mercury: put a hole in the copper coin and throw it into river.
7.       Malefic Saturn: Donate mustard (sarson).
8.       Malefic Mars: Donate sweets
9.       Malefic Rahu: Donate radish (Moolie) or keep barly (jau) under the pillow at night and throw it in to the river in the morning or else donate it or throw coal in to the river.
10.   Malefic Ketu: Give breads to dogs

Note: Adopt the above remedies for 43 days without break.

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