Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Moon's Effect on Education

Moon’s Effect on Education- Lal Kitab

Moon in house No.
Money spent on education will bear fruit; will get job according to qualifications; like pure water in a pitcher.
Mother’s blessings; Will receive inherited property, wealth and full education; exalted Moon (purest fountain)
The better the education, the worse will be father’s financial position; education will give good returns provided Moon is not destroyed by Ketu. Such a man will suffer demotion etc. if he joins education department; like water in a desert.
Like a sweet water fountain; best and exalted results of education; mother’s patronage.
Money spent on education may not give full results; like camel providing water to selfish urbanites; may be highly qualified; will not receive help from those whom he helps.
Will complete his education; like a deep well or a hand pump
Will complete his education before marriage; beneficial education; incarnation of Lakshmi (The goddess of wealth); like a river irrigating precious and fertile land.
If educated, will inspire his children; if illiterate, his children will be uneducated or semi literate; like divine ‘amrita’, the nectar of gods or poison.
Will provide comforts to although knowledge; life full of comforts and luxuries like Indra - the chief god of heaven; like an ocean of knowledge.
Obstacles in education; totally disinterested; may, however have knowledge of medicines; if No.8 is malefic, results are bad; but exalted No.2 confers best results.
Will receive full education; may be illiterate but intelligent; like the gutter full of rain water.
Benefic Sun or Jupiter will confer best results regarding education; if wicked planets are in malefic houses, results will be bad; in short, such a person , even if illiterate, will be the father of highly educated children; like rain, hailstorm and snow.

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