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Punartham (Punarvasu)
Punartham consists of two bright stars known as Castor (Alpha-Geminorium) and Pollux (Beta-Geminorium). These two stars are significant for those born under Punarthamas life lessons will often unfold in pairs. In astrology, Punartham extends from the zodiac sign of Gemini in to the Sign of Cancer. “Punar” means repeat and “vasu” means ray of light, thus Punartham translates as “becoming light again” The symbol for this Nakshatra is a quiver of arrows, which is available with the ability to strive toward a desire or ambition. 

Ruled by
Soul Sound
Key word
First Pada
24*00’-23*-00’ of Gemini
Second Pada
23*20’-26*40’ of Gemini
Third Pada
26*40’-30*30’ of Gemini
Fourth Pada
00*00’-03*20’ of Cancer

Penetrating by nature
Translation: “Good again” or “wealthy again”
Symbol: Bow and Quiver of Arrows
Animal Symbol: Female Cat
Presiding Deities: Aditi, the Goddess of Harvest.

Controlling Planet: Jupiter
Ruling Deity of Sun: Shiva

Nature: Davas (God-like)
Mode: Passive
Number: 7 (Relates to balance and harmony)
Gender: Female
Dosha: Vata
Guna: Satwic
Element: Water
Disposition: Movable (Chara)
Bird: Swan
Tree: Common name- Bamboo, Botanical name- Bambusa bambos

Seed sounds: Kay, Ee, Oo, and Ay.
Also related planets:  Mercury, as ruler of the Gemini; Moon as the ruler of Cancer.

As you are a gentleman it is rather impossible for you to associate with associate anything unfair and untrue. Luck and skills are inborn. As a boy, you invite unwanted dis pleasures and quarrels. You are more concerned about acceptance and respect, than wealth. In spite of material comfort, discord in the family atmosphere is common. It is easy to please you, and easier still to irritate you. You are sincerely concerned about what you are and what you have. All that required is a little bit of care in your words and announcements. Health is generally good, but you are always worried about it. You enjoy the fascinations and conveniences of modern life. As a father, you may have some worries due to your children; but, your children will also bring you much happiness.

You have a charitable streak in your nature and you enjoy benevolence. You consume more liquids than other people, or you drink much more than you eat. Generally you move away from the family for your birth after you are independent either physically or emotionally. You are not selfish or small minded. You have the gift of a quick intellect and the ability to grasp new concepts. Your memory should be developed since you do have intellectual capabilities. You are tolerant and sympathetic to the elderly and to those weaker than you. You have to work hard at making relationships last. If you have a free hand in running your life or career, you will be happy.
Famous Punarthams:
Bob Hope, Jerry Brown, Ramana Maharshi, Paul Simon.
Favorable Activities: fresh start for relationships, projects and activities, weddings, healing, beginning education, beginning construction or laying a foundation, travelling, pilgrimages, agriculture and gardening, imagination, spirituality, meditation, teaching, buying a home or vehicle.

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