Thursday, August 9, 2012


Malefic Planets (According to Raashis) in the Birth Chart and their remedies during Marriage Ceremony.

Malefic Jupiter:
Take two pieces of gold of equal weight and at the time of actual marriage ceremony give one piece to the groom/bride and throw the other piece in to the river. It is immaterial whether the pieces are the smallest. For a poor person, who is not in a position to afford gold, he may take two pieces of turmeric of equal weight and repeat the above procedure. It will be equally effective.
Malefic Sun:
The above remedy may adopt instead of gold, copper pieces of equal weight may be used.
Malefic Moon:
Use milky-white pearl or silver (two pieces of equal weight) and follow the method enunciated in (1) above.
Malefic Venus:
Use two pearls (curd like) of equal weight. Spouse should wear gold on head on auspicious occasions.
Malefic Mars:
Use two red precious stones (not very bright) and follow the method in (1) above.
Malefic Mercury:
Use diamonds or shells or cowries of equal weight and do as in one above.
Malefic Saturn:
Use iron or steel or black salt (two pieces of equal weight) and do as advised in (1) above.
Malefic Rahu:
The same remedy as suggested for malefic Moon at (3) above. Do not use or wear Neelam i.e. Sapphire. Give silver brick to the groom/bride who must be kept in the house or under pillow. It should never be dispose off.
Malefic Ketu:
Use black and white stones and adopt the procedure as mentioned in (1) above.

Notes: Adopt the above remedies at the time of marriage ceremony and if somehow or the other one fails to do these at the time of marriage, one can perform these remedies at the time of marriage anniversary.
These remedies are to be adopted in respect of malefic planets in horoscope only.
These remedies are to be adopted according to Raashi (signs) as they indicate the exaltation or the debilitating signs of a particular planet. They are not to be adopted according to houses.
These may be adopted during the day except Rahu (in the evening) and Saturn (at night).
These may be adopted on the days and time set apart for a planet i.e. Sun- Sunday , Moon- Monday, Mars-Tuesday, Jupiter –Thursday, Ketu-Sunday, Rahu-Thursday evening, Venus-Friday, Mercury-Wednesday, Saturn- Saturday night.


  1. Lal Kitab says that when Venus is in 11th house native does not have sufficient sperms in his semen to produce children. There are other combinations in the horoscope as well which may make a person impotent but the stress in this post is not on the combinations for impotency but on the remedy for impotency.

    1. Dear Michel Clork
      Thank you for your comment