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Panchanga Predictions

Nithya Yoga

Combined longitudes of the Sun and the Moon are known as Nithya Yoga. In Vedic astrology where there are 27 of them, based on the 27 different constellations of the ecliptic. To calculate Nithya Yoga, the longitude of the Sun is added to the longitude of the Moon and then the result is divided by 13 degrees and 20 minutes. People who were born in a particular Nithya Yoga, have some qualities that are distinct than the people who were born in another Nithya Yoga.

Sree Ganesha

 You are born with Vishkamba Nithya Yoga, and hence you have a sixth sense about the future. You are able to predict or understands things that are yet to come. You are not materialistic. You have an interest in the spiritual realm. You are concerned about all living creatures. It is likely that you will stop or lean to one side as you walk.
Those born with Preethy Nithya Yoga are extremely hard working. You also have the ability to maintain good relationships and friendships. Your sincerity and generosity help you to rise in life.
Ayushmath Nithya Yoga, is an indicator of long life. You have the ability to assume leadership roles within your family and in society at large. People accept your guidance and listen to your decisions. Your life will generally be quite happy.
Your Soubhagya Nithya Yoga manifests itself by special signs on your palms and feet. You will have a particular interests in food, in some from or the other. Your wealth may be connected to food or agriculture. You are likely to move around during your life-time and settle in a place distant from that of your birth.
Your interests in visual arts and displays are manifest since you have Sobana Nithya Yoga. There is an artistic aspect and a touch to all your endeavors. You are lucky in your profession. You will be fond of your relatives. You are energetic and enjoy good food.
Athigandha Nitya Yoga propels you in the direction of music, movies, and other types of fine arts. You try to remain emotionally detached but you revel in a good argument on occasion. You are likely to be tall and strong willed. It is difficult to influence you.
People born in Sukarma Nithya Yoga are destined to enjoy good and noble actions. They are considerate to others, and impress those who know them by their commendable deeds. They are polite and well spoken. They are charitable. They enjoy life, and that enjoyment permits them to live long and fulfilling lives.
Scientific knowledge and innovations are part of your interests as you have Drithi Nithya yoga. You are fascinated by air travel and you dream about space travel. You are an effective communicator and you have the knowledge and ability to shine in this field. You are tenacious in your pursuits and are capable of shrewd dealings in the business world. You are strong willed and difficult to influence.
 Soola Nithya Yoga indicates an attractive body from the time of birth. Your thoughts are sharp, your words clear and your actions dynamic. You take pride in your abilities and in your possessions.  You do have a tendency to anger at the slightest provocation.
People born with Gandha Nithya Yoga are normally tall. They may have occasion to deal with the seamier side of society. This may be a cause for concern for parents and others. Do not brush aside the needs of family members. Determination and hard work are the keys to happiness.
A sharp brain and incisive analytical ability are the gifts of Vriddhi Nithya Yoga. Both nature and nurture will help determine the position you finally achieve. You will always cherish your family.
Dhruva Nithya Yoga is an indicator of a well developed physique. Through your own efforts you will create a worry free environment for yourself. You are possessed of much patience. You have little fluctuation in the state of your health. You are well respected and well liked.
A quick temper is one of the negative effects of Vyaghata Nithya Yoga. You may seem intimidating to those around you. People are wary of your changing moods. Your plans change according to your whims. There is something distinctive about your eyes. You are generally well liked.
You are possessed of inborn leadership ability, since you are born with Harshna Nithya Yoga. The development of these abilities is largely dependent on the environment in which you are raised. You are a defender of the truth. You understand and appreciate the needs of others. You are strongly attracted to the opposite sex.
Vajra Nithya Yoga gives you precision and clarity in all things. You have the ability to be a trouble maker, at home and in the society at large. You are picky about the faults of others. You will do well as a supervisor or inspector. In your personal life, you are advised, not only to see the best in others, but also to express your appreciation of them.
Siddhi Nithya yoga ensures that you are a life affirming individual. You relish the pleasures of this world with unequalled fervor. You are physically strong and vital. You are intelligent and prosperous. You will have children, and you will enjoy their company.
Vyathipatha Nithya Yoga presents you with a destiny fraught with some turmoil and trouble. The problems will remain until you face the challenges and overcome them. In reaction to some of the trouble you face, you may become bitter. You may tend toward arrogance.
Those born with Variyan Nithya Yoga tend to extremely principled. You are a model citizen. You are kind to your relatives. You will make money. You are self confident, courageous and proud. Even though your partner may not express admirations of your actions and character, there will be a great deal of secreat pride in your achievements.
Parikha Nithya Yoga gives you a tenacious nature and battling spirit. These tools will be the secrete of your success. However, you should not let these tendencies control your every action. Even a child, you develop an interest in arms and ammunition and the military. You are likely to be smaller than average in size. If you are born poor you may be social rebel.
You are calm and collected since you are born with Siva Nithya Yoga. People respect you. You are not prone to undue excitement. You are wealthy but you do not flaunt your wealth. You do believe in a divine power. This belief sustains you and gives you confidence.
People born with Siddha Nithya Yoga, demonstrate a purity and sincerity of purpose. Others will acknowledge the good that you do for your community, your family and your friends. You will have the capacity to acquire knowledge. You will be rich.
Sadhya Nithya Yoga gives you a good mind and a keen sense of duty. Others may not appreciate your dedicated sense of purpose. You have a deep and passionate interest in music and art. You will achieve whatever goals you set in life
There is an element of luck in all you to since you have Subha Nithya Yoga. People will accept your purity of spirit. You will do well in government or large institutions. Your life partnership will be joyful and fulfilling. You are pleasant to look at and well respected.
You are intelligent, rich and self-assured since you have Subra Nithya Yoga. Your friends respect you and actively seek your company. This gives you added confidence. Some people may envy you.
Born with Brahma Nithya Yoga, you are naturally interested in spiritual knowledge. You are fascinated by education and strive for wisdom. Although you are enamored of worldly pleasures, you are willing to give them up if the need arises. Those who know you love and respect you.
The greatest satisfaction for people born with Mahendra Nithya Yoga, comes in helping others.  They are knowledgeable and informed about their chosen field. They are normally gentle and good natured but can lose their tempers if provoked. They tend to complain about physical ailments or discomfort.
Vaidhrithi Nithya Yoga engenders in you a love of water. You are also an extremely earthy individual who enjoys the human body. You are good looking and progressive in your outlook. You dress to impress. You will be wealthy without scheming or cheating. Sometimes your perceptions of the world may be a bit skewed.