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Best effect of all the three planets like the combined presence of ‘Peepal’, ‘Neem’ and ‘Banyan’ trees.


May experience ups and downs in life; sometimes very rich and prosperous and sometimes very poor. When all the three are benefic ( except in no.7), they will confer exalted results i.e. milk will gush out even from mud. Mother will be pious and noble lady, but there will be loss of wealth after marriage.

(a)    All three in no.7: Person is like a butterfly hovering around women or a moth fluttering its wings around a candle. If Sun is malefic, he is frustrated lover and may be destroyed because of unrequited love.
(b)   All the three in no.2 and mars is malefic and combust: Person may be deprived of a son. In such case, Moon opposes Venus i.e. man may be lustful and womanizer and may squander his wealth on keeps, prostitutes and women of low character.
(c)    All the three in no.2 with exalted Mars: A successful lover; exalted results.
Jupiter- Moon-Mercury:
Will earn a lot from business and inheritances; best results of all the three  (except no.2 , 3, 4 ); Mercury will now be helpful, but may have to face troubles in spite of being a rich man.
All the three in no.2 - Mercury will endanger father’s life, but still rich.
All the three in no.3 - Worst effects of all the three
All the three in no.4 – Danger to mother’s life; but still a rich man


All the three planets will confer best and friendly results (except in house no.2 and 9); Jupiter and Saturn will especially be the most friendly and exalted. Such a man will be a ‘philosopher’s stone’ for others i.e. he will be helpful to others like a sincere friend and will have parent’s blessings for a long time.

All the three in no.2 – Now no.8 howsoever, malefic, will not adversely aspect these planets and Moon will never be malefic, when all the three are in no.2
All the three in no.9 – Moon’s effect will malefic; worst fate like a man caught in a whirlpool.
All the three in no.11 – Mother or grandmother or aunt may commit suicide or may be killed.


 Jupiter may be silent, but will not disappear; now Jupiter and Moon will not be malefic except in house no.12, where both Jupiter and Moon will be malefic; in other houses, men and women (i.e. Venus and Moon) may have problems in mutual relationships.
Jupiter-Moon- Kethu:

Worst results of all the three like an asthmatic patient gasping for breath amid cold winds; travel will be harmful.

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