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Panjangam- Hindu Astrological Almanac

Panchangam (Hindu astrological almanac) 

Pangangas are published in India by many learned authors, societies, academies and universities. Different publications differ only minutely, at least for a casual or un-trained reader. They forecast celestial phenomena such as solar eclipses, forecast weather (rain, dry spells) as well as more mundane occurrences. Panchangas are used in Jyothisham
The study of Panchangas involves understanding Raashi phala, the impact of the Signs of the zodiac on the individual. Astrologers consult the Panchangam to set auspicious dates for weddings, House warming, and other worldly activities as per religion.
The actual casting of Panchangam involves elaborate mathematical work involving high level of spherical geometry and sound understanding of astronomical phenomena, such as sidereal movements of heavenly bodies. However, in practice the tabulation is done on the basis of short-cut formulations as propounded by ancient Vedic sages and scholars.
A typical Panchangam may state tabulations of positions of Sun, Moon, and other planets for everyday of the year on a fixed place (longitude, latitude) and time of the day. The users calculate the remaining data using their relative difference from this fixed place and time.
The government of India has prepared the National Panchangam or the Indian National calendar in 1957 (was proposed by Saha and Lahiri in 1952), which is used in predictive astrology. The Lahiris Ephemeris published annually is the most widely used English almanac in Vedic astrology apart from the many Pangangas published in local languages, which are mostly based on the National Panchangam.  
  Meaning of Panchangam in Vedic astrology is the five attributes of the day. They are:
Tithi- Ending Moment of elongation of the Moon, the lunar day, the angular relationship between Sun and Moon (Apparent Moon –Apparent Sun). One Tithi equals 12 degree difference between Moon and Sun
Nakshatra: Ending Movement of asterism of the day, i.e. stellar mansion in which Moon is located for an observer at the center of the Earth. One Nakshatra equals 13 degrees: 20 Minutes. There are 27 Nakshatra in 360 degrees.
Yoga: Ending Moment of the angular relationship between Sun and Moon (Apparent Moon + Apparent Sun). One Yoga equals 13 degrees; 20 Minutes. There are 27 Yogas in 360 degrees.
Karanam: Ending Moment of half of a Tithi. One Karanam equals 6 degree difference between Moon and Sun.
Varam: Weekday the seven weekdays.
An Almanac that contains the astronomical/astrological daily details also come to be called a Panchangam because of the importance of five attributes.


AS YOU ARE BORN ON SUNDAY....(Panchanga Phalam)

As you are born on Sunday you will have courage to face difficult situations in life. People will appreciate your sincerity and intelligence. You enjoy travels.

Birth on a Monday make you soft spoken and pleasing. You tend to remain calm in some situations where most others may react violently. You have clean intentions at heart.

Birth on on a Tuesday indicates that you show your anger without hesitation. You may enjoy adventures sports. You do not mind changing your words or decisions. You have the energy to go after your goals and achieve results.

Birth on a Wednesday indicates that you will show interest in higher intellectual pursuits. You value your freedom. You show respect to elders.

Birth on a Thursday make you kind and compassionate. You can look forward to a happy family life. You combine practical wisdom and a philosophical and religious approach to life in a seamless manner.

Born on a Friday you will have an affinity to white and light coloured clothes and objects. You have a natural attraction to agriculture and landed properties. You are quick to understand and reciprocate to the feelings of people around You.

Birth on a Saturday indicates that you may prefer to stay inactive until circumstances force you step forward. You enjoy delay tactics. You have to control your tendency to gossip. You cannot afford to spend as lavishly as you would like to. You tend to be emotional and sensitive in nature.


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Astropsychology is the result of the cross –fertilization of the fields of astrology with depth psychology, humanistic psychology and trans personal psychology. The horoscope is analyzed through the archetypes within astrology to gain psychological insight in to an individual’s psyche. Astrologer and psychotherapist Glenn Perry characterizes psychological astrology as “both personality theory and a diagnostic tool”.
In many ways, astrology was the first psychology in that it constituted an early means for understanding the nature of the human being. Rooted in the premise that cosmos mirrors psyche’ the ancients systematically observed how the nature and cycles of the planets corresponded to the nature and experiences of human beings.
Ancient and medieval astrologers were preoccupied with so called “good” and “bad” planetary positions-Malefic planets, evil aspects, debilitation's, falls, afflictions, and other such ominous categories of meaning. While they were obviously aware that people were subject to a process of aging that culminated in death, there was little or no concept of evolution, that is, of the psycho-spiritual growth of the individual. Accordingly, astrology was largely limited to superficial trait descriptions, fated events, and dubious predictions of good and bad times for various enterprises.
By the latter half of the 20th century, astrologers began incorporating psychological concepts in to their thinking. Practitioners realized that they could benefit from the best of both worlds. Following the lead of Dan Rudhyar, the field of humanistic astrology was born, which triggered a resurrection of astrology in the late 60’s and 70’s. By the end of the 20th century, innovators were exploring how Jungian, psychoanalytic, cognitive – behavioral, and various other models might fruitfully be integrated in to a new hybrid –Astropsychology. This project is ongoing.
While traditional astrology described how human behavior correlated to planetary positions, these descriptions were limited to the surface features of the personality. In contrast, psychological astrology addresses the interior of the psyche, and does so in terms that are significantly more detailed than its predecessors. For instance, it depicts how astrological configurations symbolize basic functions, cognitive structures, internal dialogs, intrapsychic conflict, unconscious complexes, defense mechanisms, and personality disorders-concepts that did not even exist prior to the 20th century.
Essentially, psychological astrology is a reformulation of astrology in terms of psychological concepts and practices. Perhaps the defining attribute of psychological approach is its focus on integrating the birth chart and, thus, supporting the human potential for growth and change. Outside of this one primary focus there is no single, uniform approach, although almost by definition psychological astrology is trans-personally oriented.
In sum, psychological astrology is both a personality theory and diagnostic tool. As a personality theory, it reveals how the structure and dynamics of the psyche are mirrored in external conditions that provide a stimulus to psycho-spiritual growth. And as a diagnostic tool, it provides unparalleled insight in to the underlying, characterological issues that cause distress and impairment. Perhaps the horoscope is best understood as an unfolding story in which fate is altered by the development and unfoldment of character.
Psychological astrology has been criticized for conformation bias and astrology is widely considered a pseudoscience by the scientific community. In psychology and cognitive science, conformation bias is a tendency to search for or interpret new information in a way that confirms one’s preconceptions and avoids information and interpretations that contradict prior beliefs.

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Shamanism is a term used in a variety of anthropological, historical and popular  contexts to refer to certain magico-religious practices that involve a practitioner reaching altered states of consciousness in order to encounter and interact  with the spirit world. A Shaman is a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of benevolent and malevolent spirits, who typically enters a trance state during a ritual, and practices divination and healing. The exact definition and use of the term “shamanism” has been highly debated by scholars with no consensus on the issue.
Mircea Eliade, writes “A first definition of this complex phenomenon, and perhaps the least hazardous, will be: Shamanism= “technique of religious ecstasy”. Shamanism encompasses the belief that shamans are intermediaries or messengers between the human world and the spirit worlds. Shamans are said to treat ailments/illness by mending soul. Alleviating traumas affecting the soul/spirit restores the physical body of the individual to balance and wholeness. The Shaman also enters supernatural realms or dimensions to obtain solutions to problems affecting the community. Shamans may visit other worlds/dimensions to bring guidance to misguided souls and to ameliorate illnesses of the human soul caused by foreign elements. The Shaman operates primarily within the spiritual world, which in turn affects the human world. The restoration of balance results in the elimination of the ailment.
Shamans gain knowledge and power to heal by entering in to the spiritual world or dimension. Most Shamans have dreams or visions that tell them certain things. The Shaman may have or acquire many spirit guides, who often guide and direct the Shaman in his travels in the spirit world. These spirit guides are always present within the Shaman though others only encounter them when the Shaman is in a trance. The spirit guide energizes the Shaman, enabling him to enter the spiritual dimension. The Shaman heals within the spiritual dimension by returning ‘lost’ part of the human soul from whenever they have gone. The Shaman also cleanses excess negative energies which pollute the soul.

There are many variations of Shamanism throughout the world, but several common beliefs  are shared by all forms of Shamanism

1.       Spirits exist and they play important roles both in individual lives and human society.
2.        The Shaman can communicate with the spirit world.
3.       Spirits can be benevolent or malevolent.
4.       The Shaman can treat sickness caused by malevolent spirits.
5.       The Shaman can employ trance inducing techniques to incite visionary ecstasy and go on vision quests. The Shaman spirit can leave the body to enter the supernatural world to search for answers.
6.       The shaman evokes animal images as spirit guides, omens, and message-bearers.
The Shaman can tell the future, scry, through bones/runes, and perform other varied forms of divination.

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Two Exalted Planets and their Effect on Wealth

Most exalted; lot of wealth and royal upbringing
One may get hidden wealth; lot of gold; parents like a huge Banyan tree offering shade and comforts
Jupiter Venus
Wealth for show off and outward appearances only (but hollow from within)
Lot of wealth and property
Royal upbringing and legacy; landlord and administrator
Lot of wealth (especially if they are in House No.3); but if these planets are in No.10 or 11, persons, though rich, will be greedy
Lot of wealth when joined with Jupiter or in the houses whose presiding lord is Jupiter i.e.2, 5, 9, 12; otherwise bad for health like a back-faced monkey
Wealth controlled by wife and in-laws
Great wealth by looting others; two dacoits becoming friends and rich
Wealthy after marriage; may earn through teaching; honest


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Rahu-Ketu Relationship and remedies in LALKITAB

Rahu-Ketu relationship has been interpreted differently by different astrologers. Some call Rahu as an earthquake tremor and Ketu as the accompanying storm. Others think that they are the angels writing the book of fate. some are of the opinion that they are symbol of day and night. The consensus of opinion is in the favor of Rahu (as snake's hood) and Ketu as its tail or Rahu as the mad elephant and Ketu as the naughty boy or pig. It is, however,a fact that two wicked planets mislead a man to evil ways. Rahu eclipses Sun, but its tremors are checked by Moon In short, these two represent the forces of evil. There is saying that a secret no longer remains a secret, if it is divulged to someone and a women who becomes a vagabond, is also not dependable, so is the case with Rahu and Ketu. They are evil persons, as they are the agents of Saturn. Further, if Rahu or Ketu is in House no.8, Saturn may be deemed to be in House no. 8, though it may be occupying some other house. The result will depend upon the placement of Saturn (good or bad). It may also be noted that Ketu is Rahu's alter-ego or serf or a slave. It always follows Rahu's commands and willingly submits to Rahu's will. There is a Persian saying, which means "I(Ketu) have offered services and powers to you (i.e.Rahu); now all depends upon you, whether to increase or decrease my powers, I will act under your behest
1. If you want to assess the effect of Rahu, adopt remedy for Moon i.e. keep a pure piece of silver with you. This will help.
2. If you want to know the intentions of Ketu, adopt remedy as for Sun i.e. keep a piece of copper with you or feed monkeys with jaggery or throw copper or wheat or jaggery in to running water. This will help.
3. If Rahu/Ketu in House no.1, remedy lies in Sun i.e. keep a piece of copper; or throw copper or wheat or jaggery in the running water or feed monkeys with jaggery.
4. If Rahu/Ketu in House no. 4 adopt remedy for Jupiter i.e. keep gold or saffron or throw gram dal, saffron etc. in running water
5. For Rahu/Ketu in House no. 7 adopt remedy for Saturn i.e. donate 'Urad' (black pulses) or coconut or almond or iron articles, such as iron tong or iron plate.
6. For Rahu/Ketu in House no. 10, adopt remedy for Mars, donate or throw 'Masur' pulses or sugar in running water. Keep red handkerchief.



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Debilitating Planets

Sun in Debilitation: In enemy's House and enemy's Raashi gives the worst results; such a man is jealous, always ready to obey others; sinful and mean rival; faces humiliation; ignominy; is mocked by all and butt of ridicule.

Moon in Debilitation: In enemy's House and Raashi gives the worst results; insane; epileptic; undependable; mean spy; sickly; destroyer of wealth; given to fits and swoons; always worried; tense and depressed; suffers  because of mother.

Mars in Debilitation: In enemy's House and sign an ungrateful wretch; destroyer of wealth and property; a doubting person; thief; terrorist; lustful; malicious in speech and deeds; instigator of riots; wicked; full of venom, hatred and ill- will.

Mercury in Debilitation: in enemy's House and Sign- an insipid and ordinary life; may run away from home; destroyer of everything; reviled and mocked by all. Incoherent talker; talks a lot, but all meaningless; flatterer, sycophant; useless and mean knowledge.

Jupiter in Debilitation: In enemy's House and Sign-poor Sadhu; so learned like "Kuchela"; ignoble; given to self-praise; little prospects in life; faces in many ups and downs; receives bad publicity though innocent.

Venus in Debilitation: In Enemy's House and Sign-lustful; wicked; lover of women; illicit relations with women of loose morals; as physical wreck; may suffer from diseases; a senile and wretched domestic life.

Saturn in Debilitation: In enemy's House and Sign-a drunkard; a stinging snake up the sleeves; full of mean and bad thoughts; subtle and vile conspirator; a poor laborer; illiterate; may commit foul and dirty acts; always unhappy; a blind horoscope; lustful and given to bad ways of life.

Rahu in Debilitation: In enemy's House and Sign-a litigant; involved in criminal cases; earns by cheating and looting others; but still under debt; hand to mouth living; unnecessary expenditure; but achieves his goal by crushing others; a polluted and notorious mind full of malice; a perverted genius; misdirected intellect.

Ketu in Debilitation: Ketu is Rahu's serf and slave. It acts according to its master's dictates; hence as mean and vile as Rahu; a roguish bad son; a complaining dog. Inauspicious for the family; a son who brings bad names to parents.

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Results of Exalted Planets

1. Exalted Sun: in its own House and Raashi gives the best results, i.e power, wealth, respect, name and fame,glory all luxuries and comforts; dominance over others. Such a person will shine like the Sun on the firmament of life; very famous indeed.

2. Exalted Moon: in its own House and Raashi confers wealth, honor, fame, though slippery and unsteady, gives all luxuries and pleasures of marital life.

3. Exalted Mars: in its own House and Raashi confers all authority, power, position, exalted status in police or army or some famous organisation. Such a person never fails in his duty; rich, with a large no of servants and subordinates.

4. Exalted Mercury: in its own House and Raashi makes a man learned; eminent; writer or poet, doctor, editor, mathematician , businessman; auditor; accountant; honored by society for his erudition and scholarship; jovial in disposition.

5. Exalted Jupiter: in its own House and Raashi confers knowledge, nobility, generosity, etc. Such a man is wise, learned, well versed in morals; reliable; linguist; a good adviser

6. Exalted Venus: in its own House and Raashi - such a person is a great lover of music, poetry, dance, beautiful women; full of zest for sexual life; life of luxury in the company of women who court and help him. Very lucky; happy domestic life; rise after marriage.

7. Exalted Saturn: in its own House and Raashi Such a person is a rich land owner; leader of men; gets wealth from unexpected quarters; winner of lottery; may earn through speculations and investments; treasurer.

8. Exalted Rahu: in its own exalted House and Raashi such a man achieves eminence, power, authority and wealth through fraudulent means and by browbeating others; sex-ridden; elephant that raises the man to the skies and makes him rich.

9. Exalted Ketu: in its own exalted House and Raashi such a man is bringer of good luck to parents, bold like a Pig and faithful like a dog; lives abroad; eminent status; rich; generous and stingy both; sex-ridden; leader of a team.

Planets in friend's Houses and Raashis are benefic and confer good results.


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Evil eye means a powerful, superstitiously attributed look thought capable of inflicting injury or bad luck on the person at whom it is directed. Effect of evil eye on victims vary – some cultures report afflictions with bad luck; others believe the evil eye may cause disease, wasting or even death. An evil eye can cause us to lose our aura, feel drained and disempowered.
A person is said to posses the evil eye if whatever he or she looks upon is harmed. A person with an evil eye need not necessarily be wicked; usually the effect of the evil eye is unintentional. Such people do not have any distinguishing physical feature to set them apart from the rest.
The idea expressed by the term causes many cultures to pursue proactive measures against it. The concept and its significance very widely among different cultures primarily the Middle east. The idea appears several times in translations of the Old Testament. It was a widely extended belief among many Mediterranean and Asian tribes and cultures.
A simple test to check if you are under an influence of evil eye: Under normal conditions olive oil floats in water, as it is less dense than water .Place one drop of olive oil in a glass of water, typically holy water. If the drop floats, the test concludes there is no evil eye involved. If drop sinks, then it is asserted that the evil eye is cast indeed. An alternative form of the test is to place two drops of olive oil in to a glass of water. If the drops remain separated, there is no evil eye, but if they merge, there is. This is usually performed by an old lady, who is known for her healing, or a grandparent.  
Keralites believed that strange sculptures protected one from evil eye. Ancient Egyptians believed that the “eye of Horus” protected one from the evil eye. In Turkey, the blue amulet is sold everywhere and has become popular in India too. In Islam, god is the only one who can protect against the evil eye; it is tradition among many Muslims that if a complaint is to be made one should say “Mashallah” (“God has willed it”). The Japanese golden cat, waving her arm is believed to bring good fortune. Cats are also said to have the ability to frighten away evil spirits.
Good looking children, young boys and girls, brides and grooms, are considered most susceptible to the eye. Small children are generally made to wear special protective charms and lockets. Eye liner is applied to their eyes and a small black dot to their chin or forehead.
Waving salt or salt water over the head of the affected person and throwing it in fire or water is one of the common ways of removing the effects of the evil eye. Waving whole chilly over the person and throwing it in fire is another way.
Garlic and Rudraksha beads are very effective to prevent evil eye.
Nazar utarana of a more elaborate kind is performed by astrologers or professionals who do it with who do it with the help of secret and mystic rites.
Wear a black thread on your body and change it every 40 days and if you feel the intensity is very high keep or wear Onyx stone, it is a stone which protects and nullifies the effect of evil eye.



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Venus (shukra): It is a beautiful and sweet-tongued planet. It refers to marital happiness if exalted and discord if malefic. If exalted, it confers all pleasures on the spouse and if malefic, it is lustful and undependable .in Hindu mythology, it refers to goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth and monetary well-being. Its main period lasts for 20 years and a life cycle of 120 years. In Islamic astrology, it is called ‘Zauhara’ or ‘Naheed’ in Persian. It is the picture of a beautiful woman with a musical instrument in her hand
Venus in 12 Houses

Venus in House no. 1: It is both good and bad in this House; man / woman of extreme temperament; will fall in love without consideration of status, caste and even creed; will sacrifice all for the lover; may lose his heart and soul to the lover or even paramour. If malefic, ill-health of wife; loss of his own health and wealth; but all comforts.
1.       Venus in House no. 2: If benefic, God’s blessings on the couple. Wealth; will have plenty of everything; best domestic life; exalted personal fate; victory over enemies. If malefic, wife / husband will be incapable of producing a child; may suffer from anemia or sexual weakness; may have to adopt a child; lustful conduct will spell ruin.
2.       Venus in House no. 3: Venus will confer best results; faithful and loving spouse; wife is tigress in temper, but a coward; wife is a spouse; wife is tigress in temper, but a coward; wife is a source of inspiration; will stand by him through thick and thin. He must love her and remain faithful to her, otherwise she will dominate him and he will have to remain meek and humble before her. If Mars is benefic, Venus will bestow good results, otherwise bad.
3.       Venus in House no. 4 (Raashi Effect) : Life will be fine and good for 4-5 years after marriage, thereafter discord between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Lustful conduct and illicit relations with loose character woman / man will bring ruin.
4.       Venus in House no.5: House full of children; if noble, best results; love for land, family and birth place; will never lose his job till wife’s life. If lustful, Worst results on self, and not on wife and children.
5.       Venus in House no. 6: (Worst effect) Good for nothing man; impotent man; barren woman. If woman is loved and respected, man will prosper, otherwise will lose all; eunuch; like a sparrow; unreliable woman. Insulting attitude towards all, even for elders and friends; flattery of woman; but good health and eyesight. When Venus in no.6 is malefic, the person may do foolish things and may even donate hiss all but God protects him; skin troubles; even deprived of the affection of his wife.
6.       Venus in House no.7:  Most exalted planet; ‘Though one-eyed’, it confers all comforts, pleasures and benefits; noble and faithful spouse. Lustful conduct will spell doom and destruction. Business with in-laws will result in loss.
7.       Venus in House no.8 (worst effect): Short-tempered spouse; domineering attitude; will always have her say; must pray in a temple, mosque or church. Must not accept bribes and must not marry before 25 years of age.
8.       Venus in House no. 9: Rich ancestor, but bad for children; may have to work hard for earning his livelihood; through intelligent and competent officer; even if he is rich, will have to work hard. If malefic, life full of storms; may have to spend a lot on wife’s health.
9.       Venus in House no.10: If Saturn is exalted, best results; noble; faithful wife; one may dream of beautiful woman or may make love to another woman; one must be of good character. In youth a lover, But a preacher in old age. Must be of good character and must not be lustful.
10.   Venus  in House no. 11: Lots of wealth; but effeminate; prone to allergy of skin; lack of sexual urges; outwardly simple but very clever like a snake; wavering mind; beautiful wife; handsome man, keen to earn more and more.
11.   Venus in House no. 12: Most exalted planet if in Pisces: faithful wife; bringer of good luck; confers all pleasures and comforts- whether domestic or sexual .Good luck after marriage; fond of music, poetry, etc. Exalted status in service; victory over enemies. Best placement indeed. When a man passes through bad times, Wife inspires him; survives his family; all pleasures from wife but not vice versa. If wife suffers from ill-health, Husband should bury blue flower in a deserted place.

                             Venus (Shukra) In Raashis

1.      Venus in Aries: No discrimination of caste and creed in matter of love; but good for service, wealth and monetary benefits; undependable; like a moth hovering over other woman; all family members will get advantage; leader in the family; bad health of spouse; romantic temperament; impulsive and emotional in matter of love; excessive sex may cause ruin.
2.      Venus in Taurus: Most exalted, being in its own sign; all comforts-wealth, marital happiness, domestic peace. Victory over enemies; wooed by many beautiful women; faithful; refined and graceful behavior; but passionate and sexual- the characteristics of Venus- the goddess of   love and beauty; lover of luxuries with extravagant tastes; exalted status. Venus bestows all her charms upon the native.
3.      Venus in Gemini: Loyal and devoted wife; best results; charitable sis position (amicable disposition); polite and sociable. In adversity, she inspires him and acts like a bold man. Must not cheat his wife.
4.      Venus in Cancer: Travels on land will bring best results; clash between wife and mother-in-law after about four years as Moon is hostile to Venus and not vice versa. In the beginning all comforts, luxuries and wealth; prone to changing moods, like the waxing and waning of Moon. Sensitive and romantic, imbibing the traits of both Venus and Moon.
5.      Venus in Leo: Affectionate; deeply attached to family; cheerful; may earn a lot; easily attracted to the opposite sex. If of good conduct, life is fine; if lustful, then worst results.
6.      Venus in Virgo: Most malefic; carpet knight; flatterer of women; may suffer from skin aliments: insulting attitude towards relations; domestic peace is destroyed; may do foolish accts but protected by nature; may be even sexually weak; sex-ridden.
7.      Venus In Libra: Best Placement, as Venus is in her own exalted sign; if alone, it is the most exalted–domestic happiness; wealthy; noble and loyal wife; a very happy couple indeed; interested in fine arts, poetry, music, love of all good things including beautiful woman
8.      Venus in Scorpio: Malefic; short-tempered; always angry; ill-fated; sickly; haughty spouse; emotional intensity and over indulgence in sex may cause ruin; must not marry before 25th year (the age of Venus).
9.      Venus in Sagittarius:  Resourceful; wise; administrator; though rich yet will have to work hard for livelihood; darling of the society; source of inspiration to others; achieves fame and name through his own efforts.
10.  Venus in Capricorn: Venus is Saturn’s friend. If Saturn is exalted, Venus automatically confers best result regarding wealth, domestic happiness, luxury of conveyance; power. Sometime he marries in a rich status family. If of lustful conduct and unfaithful to wife, he is ruined. Such a person is lover of women in youth but a noble preacher in old age – case of sinner in youth turning preacher in old age.
11.  Venus in Aquarius:  Beautiful wife; rich man; outwardly a simpleton, but very clever and subtle like a snake. Being in Saturn’s sign, it confers a lot of wealth; irreligious; lover of fairer sex; rebellious and lover of good things of life; given to eccentric and strange mode of dress.
Venus in Pisces: Most exalted; wife confers all pleasure- sexual and domestic. Best luck after marriage; exalted status; supported of family; full of enthusiasm; poet; fond of music and all beautiful and fine things of life; romantic and idealistic; full of compassion and milk of human kindness. In Fact, best placement in the Birth chart.

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Kerala Horoscope in English and Malayalam Malayali online Jyothisham expert center in Kochi Ernakulam Edappally Vyttila Cochin Jathakam vivaha porutham numerology Ashtamangalya Prashnam gemstone suggestion

Kerala Horoscope in English and Malayalam Malayali online Jyothisham expert center in Kochi Ernakulam Edappally Vyttila Cochin Jathakam vivaha porutham numerology Ashtamangalya Prashnam gemstone suggestion

Results Of Exalted Planets in Your Horoscope

Exalted Sun: in its own house and Raashi gives the best results, i.e. power wealth, respect, name and fame, glory all luxuries and comforts; dominance over others.  Such a person will shine like the Sun on the firmament of life; very famous indeed.
Exalted Moon: in its own house and Raashi confers wealth honor, fame, though slippery and unsteady, gives all luxuries and pleasures of marital life.
Exalted Jupiter; in its on House and Raashi confers knowledge, nobility, generosity,etc. Such a man is wise, learned, well versed in morals; reliable; linguist; a good adviser.
Exalted Mars: in its own House and Raashi confers all authority, power, position, exalted status in police or army or some famous organisation. Such a person never fails in his duty; rich with a large number of servants and subordinates.
Exalted Mercury: in its own House and Raashi makes a man learned; eminent; writer or poet, doctor, editor, mathematician, businessman; auditor; accountant; honored by society for his erudition and scholarship; jovial in disposition.
Exalted Venus: in its own House and Raashi such a person is a greate lover of music, poetry, dance, beautiful women; full of zest for sexual life; life of luxury in the company of women who court and help him.Very lucky; happy domestic life; rise after marriage.
Exalted Saturn: in its own house and Raashi such a person is a rich landowner; leader of men; gets wealth from unexpeted quarters; winner of lottary; may earn through speculations and investments; treasurer.
Exalted Rahu: in its own exalted House and Raashi such a man achieves eminence, power authority and wealth through fraudulent means and by brow beating others; sex-ridden; elephant that rises the man to the skies and make him rich.
Exalted Ketu: in its own exalted House and Raashi such a man is bringer of good luck to parents, bold like a pig and faithful like a dog; lives abroad; eminent status; rich; generous and stingy both; sex-ridden; leader or captain of a team.

Planets in friend's Houses and in their own Raashis  also give beneficial results, but not as exalted as the ones enumerated above.
Planets in friend's Houses and Raashis are also benefice and confer good results.
 Exalted planets in their own Raashi, but in Inimical Houses are partially good and partially bad.

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  Ketu: it is a dog that leads the man to the hut of a dervish or sadhu, IT also refers to son if exalted, one is blessed with noble sons; if malefic; son goes astray and brings ignominy to presents. It is called “Dragons Tail” and has no independent existence of its own. it acts as a slave to Rahu and acts at Rahu’s dictates. In Persian astrology, It is called ‘Zunab’.Astronomically Ketu and Rahu denote the points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon as they move on the celestial sphere. Therefore, Rahu and Ketu are respectively called the north and south lunar nods. The fact that eclipses occur when the Sun and the Moon are at one of these points gives rise to the myth of the swallowing of the Sun and the Moon by the demean snake.
·        KETU IN 12 HOUSES

1.       Ketu in House no.1: Man having imaginary unfounded fears about children and job; will never lose job; if he lose one the other will be available; serves his father and teachers.
2.       Ketu in House no.2: Generous and liberal; rich but will spend a lot; mother may not like him but wife will respect and love him, i.e. loving and adoring wife; must not be lustful for better results.
3.       Ketu in House no. 3: A sadhu; a good-doer; thankful to benefactor and forgives the enemy; helpful to all, especially the relatives who will be ungrateful and may slap court case on him. No happiness from children even
4.       Ketu in House no. 4: Complete Lunar eclipse; tension; depression; noble, wise and religious-minded; bad for mother but not for father; full of wild thoughts; bad health – physical as well as mental.
5.       Ketu in House no.5: If of good character, he will be blessed with two sons; and Ketu’s result will be the best. If lustful, he loses his beauty and youth and looks old even in youth; a lot of financial benefits; faithful to father
6.       Ketu in House no. 6: Worst; most debilitating; complete Lunar eclipse; but clever and shrewd; undependable; coward and good for nothing; lose his confidence; large number of enemies who are out to harm him.
7.       Ketu in House no. 7: If benefic, will earn a lot of wealth; victorious; a rich man; Ketu, like a faithful dog, will protect the master and pounce upon enemies; very lovable character. If an egoist, he will be a loser. Must not be short-tempered for happ domestic life; must keep his  word
8.       Ketu in House no.8: Worst; groaning and barking dog that scares away all; must not be lustful; may suffer from urinary troubles, boils, wounds, etc. Its effect will be still wores if House no.2 is vacant.
9.       Ketu in House no.9: Best and most exalted; bringer of good luck for parents; may live abroad; self-made rich; the more the gold, the richer; most fantastic results regarding wealth, travels, etc.
10.   Ketu in House no.10: (Raashi effects): Rich; will never lose wealth. If Saturn is good, Ketu is doubly good; forgiving nature will help. If lustful, he will invite his own ruin. Must be of good character.
11.   Ketu in House no.11: Self-made rich provided Mercury is not in House no.3; learned; wise but jackal-like dog. Kethus’s effect is exalted for the birth of son.
12.   Keu in House no. 12: Exalted; best placement; name and fame; best luck and wealth after son’s birth; helpful to family; will have rich and loyal sons. Everything will be fine regarding wealth and property; luxurious life.


1.       Ketu in Aries: In enemy’s sign, it gives bad results; full of unnecessary worries and fears; unhappy; tale carrier but a good orator; a linguist; may suffer from windy troubles; worried about children and job, but will have a son and another job, i.e. misplaced worries; will serve well father as well as teacher
2.       Ketu in Taurus:  Traveler; a good talker; noble; sadhu; unhappy with relatives; but prosperous administrator; generous and liberal; may be opposed by mother, but the darling of wife.
3.       Ketu in Gemini: Contented sadhu; brave; wealthy but restless for brothers; may live away from relatives; good-doer; forgets the harm done to him but is grateful to the benefactor; may even be opposed by brothers; even children will not give happiness and solace; may live abroad and earn a lot.
4.       Ketu in Cancer: Ketu in the sign of ifs deadliest foe, i.e. moon is the most malefic, but noble, pious, wise and resourceful; a groaning or a complaining dog, i.e. may lose lands, property and all comforts, loss of wealth, full of imaginary worries and wild thoughts. M<ay live away from home; bad of mother; hard-working but always restless and under tension; complete Lunar eclipse, i.e. mond is perturbed and health is lost.
5.       Ketu in Leo:  Makes a person timid and short-tempered; sun’s effect becomes dim; full of evil thoughts. Handsome, but if lustful, he becomes a withered flower. If of good character, will be blessed with sons and good status. If Jupiter is weak, son may suffer from allergies and respiratory troubles; devoted to father.
6.       Ketu in Virgo: Most malefic; complete Lunar eclipse; shrewd and intelligent; sees through the enemy’s diabolical schemes. If Jupiter is exalted in the Birth chart, everything is fine- long life, good sons wealthy; may visit foreign lands; but unreliable and cowardly who loses his confidence, as Ketu is weak in its own sign, being Mercury’s enemy.
7.       Ketu in Libra: Tiger-like dog; lots wealth; lovable character; second dutiful son; victory over enemies; enemies will be doomed; but should not be a loser. If bitter and sharp-tongued, unhappy family life.
8.       Ketu in Scorpio: Short-lived; wound marks with weapons; or stinging bit from scorpion; may have premonition of death; like a groaning dog mourning the losses .Must not be of loose charter; he will then invite his own doom in matters of health, family life and wife’s health.
9.       Ketu in Sagittarius: Exalted; bringer of good luck for parents; may live abroad; bold like a tiger and faithful like a dog; best adviser; dutiful sons; advantages in travels; bad for mother; self-made rich.
10.   Ketu in Capricorn: Saturn’s position – good or bad – decides Ketu’s fate; rich but lustful; all luxuries at his feet; hard-working; brave and a leader. It is the lust for sex with other woman that will destroy him; must be of good character and everything will be fine and rosy.
11.   Ketu in Aquarius: Meager earnings; no fame; no reward for his merit; jackal-like dog; learned and intelligent; less of land property, but earning will increase after 36 years. In a girl’s horoscope, it will be just the reverse, i.e. a good placement; bad for mother. If Saturn is in man’s horoscope, wife may lose son in the womb.
Ketu in Pisces: Exalted; will earn from travels and lands; rich and healthy sons; very rich; may inherit property; life full of comforts and luxuries, prestige; devoted to parents, helpful to others but unhappy with bothers and in-laws; sons and brothers will occupy good position in service.

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Gayatri Mantra is a Vibrant Formula


We meditate on the glory of the Creator; 
Who was created the Universe;
Who is worthy of worship;
Who is the embodiment of knowledge and light;
Who is the remover of Sin and Ignorance;
May He open our hearts and enlighten our Intellect.

“To chant the Gayatri Mantra
Purifies the chanter.
To listen to the Gayatri mantra
Purifies the listener”.

The Gayatri Mantra is the Universal Prayer enshrined in the Vedas, the most ancient Scriptures of man. The Gayatri Mantra is a prayer that can well be spoken with yearning by men and women of all creeds and claims in all centuries. Repetition of this mantra will develop the Intelligence.
The beautiful and soothing ancient sounds, the following rhythmic patterns, and the powerful intent make the Gayatri mantra a wonderful part of one’s daily spiritual practice. Because it is an earnest and heartfelt appeal to the Supreme Being for enlighten, it can be universally applied. It really doesn’t what your religion, your caste or ethnicity is- what matters are your intent, and your authenticity, and your willingness to be moved.
The ancient Hindu scriptures describe how the sage Vishwamitra was given  Gayatri Mantra by the Supreme Being as a reward for his many  years of deep penance and meditation This was to be a gift for all humanity.
It is said that this sacred prayer spirals through the entire universe from the heart of the chanter, appealing for Pease and divine wisdom for all.
The Gayatri mantra inspires wisdom in us. In very basic but beautiful language, it says “May the divine light of the Supreme Being illuminate our intellect, to lead as along a path of righteousness”.
The Gayatri mantra is addressed to the energy of the Sun, Surya .It has immense powers that are truly amazing, for the Sun is its presiding Deity.
One who chants the Gayatri mantra and with faith:
The Gayatri mantra is the reliever of diseases, wards of all misery, to fulfil all desires.
The Gayatri Mantra chants 10 times- wash out your one day’s sin, 100 times-one month’s sin, 1000 one year’s sin, 100000-life long sins, ....(Devi Bhagavatham)
The person chanting the Gayatri mantra Should ensure that his heart is pure at all times.

Thursday, July 5, 2012


·         Rahu: is not a planet but a node called “Dragon’s Head”. If exalted, it confers powers and position. It is like the trunk of the elephant which can take man to greate heights, but a malefic Rahu throws the main into a gutter and slough of misery and poverty. It even throws the main into prison, where innocent or guilty. In Persian astrology, it is called ‘Rass’.

My see many ups and downs; sometimes very rich and sometimes worst fate himself responsible for his misfortunes. Solar clips on one side; but all brightness on the other side, i.e. may lose one job, the other may be readily available; bitter tongue; anger; illness; baseless superstitions.
RAHU IS ENEMY OF Venus, hence marital discord; wealthy but insecure; short tempered; bitter tongue; bad fate; may be involved in criminal cases or frauds for no fault of his; raise and fall; exalted status, If noble, good results.
Most exalted; strong willed and arrogant; long life of pleasures and comforts; very rich and powerful; tiger-like voice; bold and fearless; enemies will tremble; owner of landed property; will rise to great heights; king like status.
Noble and pious like a yogi; broad - minded; but unlucky with friends who may cheat him; rich; but full of tension, being in Moon’s sign.
In enemies sign it wreaks havoc; haughty; notorious; health problems; may be witty and intellectual but will not rise till Rahu’s period; problem in birth of son. After Rahu’s period, will rise very high in life; will be very rich with all luxuries.
Most exalted; destroyer of enemies; eminent status; elephant at his beck and call; conferring all wealth, power status and luxuries; Rahu acts as a shield and protects the man from calamities; very intelligent; self respecting and proud. The best placement indeed.
Worst; disturbed family life; through rich, yet cruel and insensitive to others feelings Early marriage may results in wife’s death or separation; hard task master; proficient in his work; high status victory over enemies; wife may be physically weak; no happiness from children, through occupying good jobs; others may enjoy his wealth. If lustful, worst results.

Being in enemy’s sign and House of death, Rahu becomes most malefic. Man is weak, poor, sickly and wicked; ups and downs in life If dishonest and corrupt , loss of wealth , meaningless struggles;, quarrels, chatter unnecessary expenditure  Blows the trumpet of death, i.e. lays death trap. Must not lose courage in adversity and must be of good character.
Malefic; solar eclipse; dishonest psychiatrist; suffers a lot since early age; may be adopted by someone;    may eves cheat his friends and spouse; bad for career and business; dishonesty will ruin him. Unfavorable speech; dark fate. Being in Jupiter’s sign, fate will be later on revived, as Jupiter and Rahu are of equal strength. Because Jupiter’s effect, such a person may become leader of men and earn a lot. RAHU IN CAPRICORN:
Being in a friendly sign, Rahu confers all honor, power wealth authority like a “Sapphire”(Mani) on snake’s head; fearless; helpful to others, but dishonest too; good for parents; rich and bold; exalted status; will earn a lot through business and industry; rise after marriage. If Saturn is weak in the Birth chart, he may suffer financially and many lose property as well, through jealousy and meanness- the attributes of a stinging snake.
Long life; wealthy through fraudulent and corrupt practices; influential through reticent; bad for fathers life, but will not financially suffer as long as father is alive; parents may suffer losses after his birth; till then very comfortable position.
Rahu in its own sign is malefic and weak; a lot of unnecessary expenditure; in evil deeds; secretive; may live abroad; proficient in his work; stifling smoke; day-dreamer; involvement in criminal cases;, litigation; full of ugly thoughts; clashes with all. Jupiter’s or Saturn’s results may be exalted, but Rahu’s effect is the worst, like a mad elephant trampling over its own master; hard working but sleepless nights; may earn bad name.


 RAHU IN HOUSE NO.1 (Raashi effect
Rich, elephant (Rahu) making the man rich, but also throws him in to slough of misery; complete Solar eclipse, i.e. man may lose his job, but will soon get another; will regain the earlier job status after eclipse is over. Minimum period of bad fate is between one and two years; will spend on households; man himself responsible for bad fate.  

Rahu shuns it wicked ways in this House.
If Jupiter is exalted, Rahu bestows all comforts, otherwise bad financial conditions. A malefic Saturn makes it more deadly. If exalted, Rahu confers glory and exalted status on man; even if he is a sadhu, he will be a fames one; lot of expenditures; comfortable life. If malefic, ups and downs in life; may be charge-sheeted for alleged offences, but will never be arrested. 

Exalted Rahu bestows all authority, wealth and property; very rich; protects the man from enemies; sincere friend; liberal enemy; will be blessed with sons; enemies will go in hiding; will enjoy all promotion and comforts. If malefic, he will be cheated by ungrateful relatives.              

Noble, as Rahu bows before Moon- the mother; rich religious-minded; but bedims Moon, i.e. full of tension and imaginary fears regarding wealth and drowning. After the eclipse, Moon will regain brightness.     

Notorious; not a good placement for sons; if exalted, it may confer all comforts and benefits. But if malefic, one may have to spent on illness; bad for domestic peace.       

Most exalted; elephant conferring all pleasures, wealth and property; intelligent; victory over enemies; self respecting and proud. If malefic a notorious thief; mad elephant killing its own master.
Rich, but bad domestic life; good status but unhappy with wife and in-laws. In girl’s horoscope may lead to divorce; unlucky; lustful conduct will ruin the couple.      

Planet of death; announces the message of death; life full of ups and downs; bitter and stifling smoke; a hypocrite; corruption will spell doom. Involvement in litigation; prone to accident; illness; loss of life even; it destroys health, wealth and life. Worst planet.

Worst placement; most malefic; complete solar eclipse for official career; but good after 42 years of age; bad fate partial Lunar eclipse; lots of expenditure; may even destroy House no.5 – the House of children; dishonest; irreligious.

If exalted, it is precious sapphire. But if malefic, it is like a poisonous snake causing instant death. If Saturn is exalted, Rahu automatically becomes benefic. If Saturn is malefic, Rahu will cause ill health, unnecessary expenditure, losses in wealth and destruction of property. Such a person is mean and jealous.
A mere cipher till 36thyear of age, wealth, etc. after his birth parents also suffers losses. But after 36th year, self made rich and will not demand anything from parents and in laws.

Worst placement; a day-dreamer; full of dirty imaginary ideas; mad elephant; unnecessary expenditure; may be involved in police case; theft, embezzlement; mar be imprisoned; sleepless nights; bad relations with family members and friends. An Exalted Rahu, however, may mean rich in- laws but Rahu’s effect will be malefic.