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Astrologers consider the varies parts of the body as being ruled by certain signs of the Zodiac. Naturally, many diseases are associated with these signs governing a specific disease and part of body.Astrologers there for divide the body according to the ruling signs. Following are the ailments associated with the particular signs and recommended diets, besides the remedies suggested in previous posts. These may be followed in right perspective.

Aries is the lord of head and face. Arians often suffer from severe headache. this sign also controls adrenaline. It may cause physical problems; nervousness, tension of the mind and bad digestion. Such a person should take lots of vegetables and fruits rich in potassium,phosphate,viz. tomatoes, brown rise,beans, bananas,etc. but these should be taken in consultation with a specialist.
This sign is the presiding lord of throat.,vocal chords and neck,hence such persons are prone to bad colds and sinusitis. Astro-physicians recommended a diet rich in minerals. they also advise the patients to take a lot of water to keep the kidneys perfectly in order. Fish, cauliflower,spinach,onions, raw nuts, etc. are recommended as these are rich in minerals and iodine.
It is the presiding lord of lungs, nerves, arms and shoulders. Such persons are prone to accidents which may break the collar bone. Doctors recommend food rich in potassium, chloride and calcium. Such a diet helps restore patient's health in matters of respiratory problems such as asthma,bronchitis,etc. Obviously, such patients are advised to take carrots,oranges, raisins,milk and cheese in plenty.
It is the presiding sign of the breast, eyes, heart, stomach and the alimentary canal. It may cause bleeding of gums, varicose veins, eyes and heart problem. Thy usually suffer from indigestion and ulcers. They are generally delicate and of weak health. they are advised to take food rich in calcium, such as eggs, curd, beetroot, milk, cabbage, fish and crab.
This is the presiding Raashi for back, heart and spinal chord. such persons are vulnerable to heart attacks. In order to control the above ailments, one should take diet rich in magnesium, phosphate and iron,viz. almonds, wheat,rice, eggs,beetroot, dates, raisins and spinach.
This sign of Zodiac rules over the nervous system and intestines. They are worried over trifles and hence suffer from indigestion and restlessness. Such a person may suffer from hair loss, dandruff, acne, itching, constipation,etc. Food rich in potassium, sulphate, such as leafy vegetables, lemons, almonds, curd, rice,papaya, egg,etc. are recommended.
This Raashi presides over the kidneys and hips. although they are well balanced in their thoughts and way of life, yet are prone to kidney problem. Let us advise such persons to take,rich in sodium,phosphate viz. apple,peas, carrots,corn, radish, tomatoes,wheat, green vegetables, salad and fresh fruit.
The sign is the presiding lord of sex organs. Thy are over sexed and do not believe in doing things by halves, i.e. they cross the limits. Suppression of sexual desire may lead  to frustration and cruel behavior.
The sign is the presiding Raashi of liver, hips and thighs. Thy become fat if they do not exercise regularly. Women develop flab at hips and thighs. In order to control falling of hair, skin problem,or bleeding of gums, one should take food rich in silica, high proteins, i.e.fruits,vegetables, salad,apple, potatoes and fish.
This is the ruling sign of bones, knees, joints and teeth. To prevent rickets, spinal, dental, orthopedic ailments, arthritis,rheumatism etc. One should take almonds, oranges, lemons, potatoes, wheat, etc. - food rich in plenty of calcium and phosphate.
It presides over calves, ankles and circulation system. they suffer from disease of varicose veins and arteries. They should eat diet rich in sodium, chloride,i.e.sea food, spinach, almonds and fruits like oranges and lemon.
This sign is the lord of legs, feet, toes and mucous membrane. Piceans have weak immune system; drugs should be given after great care and thought. Such people are advised to take eggs, grapes, oranges, lemons,etc. to overcome such ailments a slow blood pressure, general debility, heart problem, inflammation of joints,etc.
There are three types of' 'Doshas' in Ayurveda. They are 'Vatha dosha', 'Pitta dosha' and 'Kapha dosha'.
Planets are the 'Karakas' of these 'Doshas'




Mars in its own exalted sign  makes the person brave like a tiger; army or police officer; justice- loving; like a sward in its sheath; leader; trustful; fair and just; resourceful; eminent status; bureaucrat; good government job; independent and headstrong; a grate organizer; full of zeal and zest.
Quarrelsome; jealous; possessive; tactless; undiplomatic; highly sexed; may destroy his own property; opposition to and from his brothers; but brave enough; toward of attacks by enemies; full of determination and fortitude in adversity.
Restlessness; mental agility; determination justice loving, sarcastic wit are the hallmarks of "Mars in Gemini". Good for others but bad for self in respect of money and peace; chest problem; like a tiger in the zoo.
Most malefic; full of fire; diabolic tendencies; destroyer of happiness and wealth; worst placement; if not aspect ed by Sun, Moon or Jupiter; disease of stomach, intestines, uterus,and womb; burn or wound mark.
Brave like a Lion; of firm opinions; passionate; qualities of leadership; competent and efficient;ancestor of rich progeny scholarly; learned; very rich; helpful to all.
A contented saint or dervish; all pleasure from friends and spouse; must earn more than brothers; noble hear ted; sweet in speech; exalted position; popular among officers; colleagues and subordinates,etc. devoted to parents. a good organizer of work force; precise in all details and man of perseverance and resolution.
Supporter of family; very rich; lots of property;reliable; competent adviser; jolly just; good status. Marriage is more for social companionship than physical satisfaction; though sexually strong.
Industrious; courageous; powerful personality; domineering; ruthless; towards enemies, believes in the maxim  - "Tit for Tat". possessive and jealous in romantic relationship; extreme temperament; but a death trap; noose  of death around the neck; accident prone; wound and burn marks on the body. Expert in military affairs; intelligent but fear of death till 28 years. May be ring leader of shady charactors, but still leads a life of luxury; bad for marital happiness.  
Mars in this sign confers all wealth, comforts and happiness; administrator; ancestral wealth and greatness; precious ruby for family. Bringer of good luck to parents and self; lover of traditions; religious-minded; spiritualist in the fag end of life; full of strong, moral courage and convictions. a good placement indeed.
Most exalted royal and eminent status; life full of honey and sweetness; bold like a tiger; rich; lots of property; ambitious; decisive; independent in thinking. Head of an organization, army or civil services; very famous; domestic happiness; good health;. A renowned and powerful leader, provided it should be alone and not aspected by enemy planet.
Exalted; life sweet like honey; noble, rich; king like status at the age of 28 years; all comforts and luxuries; independent thinking; very intelligent; unconventional in his approach to problems.
Unhappy married life; bad eye sight; believer in occult; emotional; brooding nature; unnecessary and foolish expenditure; diseased lack of confidence.




In Vedic astrology Mars is known as Mangal, Angaraka, and  Kuja. These names in Sanskrit means , “auspicious, burning coal ,and the fair one.” Mars is a malefic. He rules over the two sidereal signs of Aries and Scorpio. He is exalted in Capricorn and fallen in the opposite sign of Cancer. Mars is often depicted as a God with a red body exemplifying the natural colour of the astronomical body in the sky. Mars when benefic it confers strength and power and relives man of his pain and problem s. if malefic; it wreaks havoc and spreads lawlessness and anarchy. It dances the dance of death. in Hindu mythology, it refers to both  the aspects of Lord Shiva the lord of happiness and bounty and lord of death .It is Lord Hanuman – the reliever if pain and destroyer of enemies . Its total Period Extends to 7 Years in a life cycle of 120 years, IN Islamic astrology, It is called ‘Mariakh’ or ‘Behram’ in Persian. It refers to the picture of a solider carrying a sword in one hand and the slain head of the enemy in the other hand.
Kuja is a ‘Karaka’ or indicator of brother and siblings, assertion, aggressiveness, soldiers, and military endeavours, mechanical ability, engineers and surgeons, commanders, and rulers, accidents, violence and war, ambition, strength, arguments and conflict, passion and desire.

Like Sun, Mars, most powerful position in the 10th house. He is a particularly beneficial planet for cancer or Leo Ascendants. His nature is ‘Pitha’ or fiery. His Gem is Red coral and his direction is south. Mars day is Tuesday and he reaches full maturity at age 28. The deity of Mars is Lord Subrahmanya.


Chandra (Moon)

Moon (Chandra): she is the lord of mind, heart and eyes and sea travels. she is the mother Earth showering all the blessings on her children. If benefic, it bestows all wealth and comforts, filling the ocean of life with abundance of milk and wealth. But if malefic, it makes the man insane, psychic, who may even commit suicide. Its main period lasts for 10 years in a life cycle of 120 years. in Islamic astrology, it is called ‘Qamar’ or ‘Mah’ in Persian; the picture of tall man with both hands on his shoulder with a halo around his face.

Moon (Chandra) In your Horoscope.

1.      Moon in house no.1: Purity of heart; mother’s blessings; wealthy; long life; success in service matters. Must respect his mother for best luck; money spend on education will not go waste. If malefic, must not sell Milk and must not take bribe.
2.      Moon in House no. 2: Most exalted planet; bringer of best luck; self-made rich; eminent position; happiness from parents; will receive inherited wealth. Marriage in a wealth family; will receive education with mother’s blessings.
3.      Moon in House No. 3: Lord Shiva protects the person from death and destruction, loss and theft; fountain of goodness; wealthy; long life; good for meditation and devotion. If Mars is malefic, mother will oppose Him or vice versa.
4.      Moon in House no.4: Most exalted planet; ocean of milk; wicked planets even bow before the mother and give up their evil ways. Mists donate milk and keep his temper cool; good old age; successful in ancestral business; must complete his education.
5.      Moon in House no.5: Beautiful like a bird; Bird of good omen; fountain of pure milk, honest, truthful, soft spoken, polite; wealthy and must live abroad. Justice-loving and helpful to others; intelligent. Moon is asleep if house N0.9 is vacant (must take sweets before doing auspicious work). If malefic, man may use foul language and is an unsuccessful traveler over jungles and hills.
6.      Moon in House no.6 (Raashi effect): Complete lunar eclipse; good to those who are good to him and bad to evil- doers; believes in tit for tat. Moon, if alone bestows all luxuries I youth. When malefic, it may adversely affect the parents (especially mother) in their life and health.
7.      Moon in House no.7 (Raashi effect) : Best placement; very rich; incarnation of goddess of wealth if not aspected by enemies; expert astrologer; intelligent; must not quarrel with mother ; will enjoy all comforts, respect and esteem everywhere. If malefic, must donate milk, rich and silver; should not accept gifts of silver, milk, etc.
8.      Moon in House no.8: Worst; but bringer of good luck; long life ; may suffer from epilepsy, fits and swoons;  but will have children; must not deal in jewellery. If malefic, the most unfortunate, insane; life full of troubles; problems of heart, brain and eyes.
9.      Moon in House no.9: Precious jewel in the family; polite, humane, good-doer; noble. A perfect gentleman; may travel abroad. If malefic, life full of ups and downs likes a sandy desert.
10.  Moon in House no 10: Like poisonous and sour milk; Moon is meaningless in this house; must shun lustful conduct for better results; enmity with mother will spell doom; but long life . May earn  a lot as a surgeon; disruption in education.
11.  Moon in House no.11: In this Hose Moon is zero, i.e. worst. It is like without butte; life milk without butter; life full of storms. However, if it is in exalted Raashi, It gives best results.
12.  Moon in House no.12: Prone to flattery; face like that of a white cat; dreamer dreaming of past glory; like river in flood destroying inherited property and wealth; but self-created wealth will help; bathing with rain water will help. If Jupiter and Sun are exalted, results will be good.
1.      Moon in Aries: Emotional; quick-tempered; rich; mothers blessings; pure-hearted like milk; wealthy; long and successful life and service; learned; must respect his mother for best results; money spend on education will not go waste.
2.      Moon in Taurus: Most exalted; rich parents and in-laws; bringer of best luck; fountain of pure milk; self-made rich; mother’s blessings; must be blessed with a son; exalted status. Everything fine in wealth and education.
3.      Moon in Gemini: Learned; Quick-witted and resourceful; best result regarding property, wealth and marital affection; victorious over enemies; good-doer; humane; compassionate, savior of life; long meaningful life. If adversely accepted by ketu, result will be worst.
4.      Moon In Cancer: Fountain of sweet milk and water; benign mother’s blessings; complete education. Must respect mother, failing which a loser; emotional; loving; human; full of tranquility and peace of mind; bringer of good luck to parent; all comforts and luxuries.
5.      Moon in Leo: Proud; love for luxurious things; self-indulgent; a great organizer; like a bird of good omen; handsome; polite; intelligent; justice-loving; wealthy; may live abroad; devoted to parents; courageous in adversity; Highly qualified, i.e. complete education.
6.      Moon in Virgo: Shy and retiring; reticent; practical and methodical; learned, i.e. must complete his education; wise; moon bestows all pleasures in youth but always tense because of moon in Ketu’s / Mercury’s sign i.e. Lunar eclipse.
7.      Moon in Libra: Courteous; charming behavior; very rich; incarnation of goodness of wealth. Purity of thought and deeds; happy life; mother’s patronage; will be respected by all; poet; interested in astrology; all comforts; lots of gold and wealth; must respect the mother for best results. Must complete education before marriage.
8.      Moon in Scorpio: Worst results on mind and heart; highly emotional and depressed. If Moon in Taurus is exalted, it is most malefic in Scorpio. Afflicted with epilepsy; diseases of heart; weak heart; insanity; but bringer of good luck; will definitely be blessed with a son; long life; must not be lustful.
9.      Moon in Sagittarius: Rich inheritance; polite, humane; like a beautiful pearl; incarnation of ‘Moon’, i.e. noble; good-doer; full of milk of human kindness; may travel abroad; influential leader respected by all; ocean of knowledge; life full of comforts and luxuries; best luck with the blessings of parents.
10.  Moon in Capricorn: Moon in this sign is weak like sour and bitter milk; an unsuccessful physician but a great surgeon; in-law and property will be destroyed; may earn bad name; enmity with mother; obstacles in education but long life.
11.  Moon in Aquarius: Moon malefic; Moon is reduced to Zero in this sign. Life full of storms and whirlpools: weak in body; wild temperament; eccentric; moody; will however receive complete education; even if illiterate such a person is shrewd, subtle and intelligent; but most erratic and wild behavior.
Moon in Pisces: Idealistic; dreamer- always dreaming of the glorious past; highly sensitive; interested in occult; may even possess psychic powers; must control his pro-active sensibilities and highly charged  imagination; face like that of white cat; prone to flattery. Wife-source of strength in adversity; inherited property may be destroyed but will enjoy self-acquired wealth and property. Best results regarding education for self and children.

Favourite Colour – White
Favourite Day – Monday
Favourite God – Lord Shiva

The ill effect of Moon can be minimized and the good effects can be increased according to Indian mythology by doing the following tasks. Any or all of these, one can select as per one’s convenience.

To propitiate Moon, astrologers recommend donation of white cloth to needy and poor on Monday. It is also authoritatively stated that chanting of “Om Namah Shivaya” for a good length of time continuously leads to please Moon.
Worshipping Lord Shiva daily keeps Moon immensely pleased to quench even high ambitions of the person concerned, it is stated emphatically in astrology.
Fasting on Monday Brings favours Granted by Moon.
‘Mounavrat’(Total silence) practiced on Poornima (Full Moon) provides power and strengthening of mind.
Wearing of Pearl ring on the small finger on any Monday and continuing to wear it thereafter is yet one more piece of advice from our ancestors to please the Moon.ancestors to please the Moon.

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1.      Jupiter in Aries: Brings good luck to parents; recipient of all comforts, power; educated; researcher; can see through enemy’s game; short-tempered; honest; man of integrity, optimist; large-hearted; good-doer; may earn name and fame; sometimes over liberal but at times stingy. It is a benefic placement, being in a friend’s Raashi.
2.      Jupiter in Taurus: Lover of good things; self-made rich. I in house No. 2, man will receive wealth and property from in - laws well as parents. If in enemy’s House, i.e. House no.7, 10 or11, one may be asthmatic, but a lover of family: very much attached to father whom he serves well; learned; careless in spending money; must adopt restraint in financial transaction.
3.      Jupiter in Gemini: Busy in pursuit of Knowledge; mentally alert; can be an author; curious to know more and more; a store house of knowledge, especially science. Jupiter Hates Mercury and not vice versa, hence sometimes himself responsible for getting less than what he deserves. Nevertheless, intelligent and happiness from relatives and well-to—do family.
4.      Jupiter in Cancer: The best placement; learned; truthful; charitable; lots of gold and wealth; maintains best relations with all; lovable personality; smiling Face; Cheerful disposition; courageous in adversity; Mother’s blessings; all comforts, vehicles; magnificent house. In Fact, the most exalted Planet; full of milk of human kindness.
5.      Jupiter in Leo: Jupiter in friend’s sign is exalted. A perfect gentleman; learned; short-tempered because of ‘Lion’s’ influence .A great writer; eminent status; enjoys respects from colleagues and other; noble-hearted; humanitarians; wealth and eminent sons.
6.      Jupiter in Virgo: Enjoy life at other’s expense; a parasite feeding upon others; gets everything without making any effort; lavish living; shrewd; plays his cards well with a ‘smiling face’. Believes in the maxi – “Eat, drink and make merry, who knows the world may end tonight.”
7.      Jupiter in Libra: Asthmatic; a Sadhu in previous birth; helper of relatives but never receives their gratitude; will live away from brothers but rich; father of noble of fortunate sons; astrologer; luxurious life; bad investments; a great conversationalist and public speaker; a prolific reader of books.
8.      Jupiter in Scorpio: Blessings of ancestors; long life; emotional; good financial expert; shrewd; man of determination; courageous; rising fortune. Lot of Gold and wealth; will glitter like gold in his career. God’s blessings upon him. Proficient in state matters; may earn name fame, if honest and truthful.
9.      Jupiter in Sagittarius: Lover of traditions; upholder of family virtues and customs; rich inheritance; intellectual; interested in spiritualism; noble; helpful to all; eminent family; receives blessings from ancestors. An exalted planet in its exalted sign.
10.  Jupiter in Capricorn: Worst results; though intelligent yet will not get his due, i.e. will get less than what he deserves; loss of wealth; wastage of labour; though noble yet will be deprived of wealth and property. Father may note leave anything; but self-made rich after 36 years. Disruption in studies; till 36 years of age, his efforts are futile.
11.  Jupiter in Aquarius: Should be noble, humane and religious –minded for best result; otherwise lonely like a palm tree; timid and cowardly. In this sign Jupiter is almost zero; sisters will be thankless; must not be lustful.
12.  Jupiter in Pisces: Jupiter is in its own sign, hence noble and good ; such a person is tolerant ; well behaved; interested  in literature; forgiving nature; good towards enemies even; scholar; humane. The more liberal he is the more he learns: a lot of expenditure on household articles and good things; honest, truthful and good-doer.

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Planets in Raashis- GURU (JUPITER)

·         Jupiter:  He is the great ‘guru’ or the teacher, preceptor and guide of the gods. If exalted the man becomes learned; scholarly, specialist in languages and pious and noble, but when malefic, man become a poor sadhu and is reduced to utter poverty like sudama in Hindu mythology. He is Load Brahma of the Hindu trinity of god s and is the creator of the Universe. Its main period lasts for 16 years in a cycle of 120 years. In Islamic astrology, he is called ‘Mushtri’ or ‘Barjis ‘ an old venerable man with a book in his hand

The status of
Your Horoscope

1.      Jupiter in House no. 1: if exalted and man is educated, he enjoys kings-like status; may be a scientists or doctor doing research; scholarly; bringer of good luck for parents at the age of 16 years and himself become famous in old age .Exalted service, status , prosperous ; victory over enemies ; good-nature but short-tempered; age not less than 75 years; bold like a tiger. If malefic, person is a famous sadhu, but poor.
2.      Jupiter in House no. 2: temple of God, where ‘Great Guru’ resides; exalted position; best government job; wealth, promotion and property come to him without any effort; will inherit property come to him without any effort; will inherit property; noble, pious, hospitable, rich, provided House no.8 is not vacant. If malefic, person Brings disaster and misfortune on the family.
3.      Jupiter in house no 3: a sincere friend, but a deadly foe. If mars is exalted, such a person is just and fair in his dealings; intelligent, wise; comfortable life; very powerful and brave. If mars is malefic, such a person is coward, unlucky and quarrelsome; will be a terror for others and will rob other’ wealth and property.
4.      Jupiter in house no 4: grand house; foundation of wealth; ocean full of milk; seat of justice; wealthy; tranquility of mind ; full of fortitude and courage during bad times; smiling face; compassionate; Goddess Lakshmi smile upon him; beautiful spouse and obedient children; in fact, the best  planet. If malefic, worst fate; will be responsible for his own doom and family’s destruction, especially when Rahu and Ketu are bad, and is aspected by Venus, Saturn and Mercury from House no 10.
5.      Jupiter in House no 5: exalted status; rich after birth of a son; enjoys respect and esteem; short- tempered yet noble and  large - hearted.
6.      Jupiter in House no 6 (Raashi Effect): Parasite, enjoying at other’s expense; will get everything effortlessly; prosperous maternal uncles, but not helpful. IF malefic, life full of sorrows and sufferings.
7.      Jupiter in House no 7 (Raashi Effect): asthmatic; sadhu in previous birth: unhappy with brother and sisters; rise after marriage; late birth of a son; may settle away from relatives; bad investments but leader of family and well-to-do.
8.      Jupiter in House no 8: philanthropist; rich; long life; have blessings of ancestors and god’s blessings too. If mars is malefic, a poor sadhu living in a graveyard.
9.      Jupiter in House no 9: Most exalted planet; rising fortune; interest in spiritualism; very rich fore -fathers; noble and royal wealth and lineage; upholder of family values. If aspected by both Venus and moon, life full of ups and downs.
10.  Jupiter in House no 10: Worst results; loss of money; disruption in studies; receives nothing from parents in life and even after their death; intelligent but does not get his due; Must not indulge in lustful acts. Very bad from 27-36 years of age,but good after that.
11.  Jupiter in House no 11. Lonely like a palm tree; like gilded gold; if good to others, he will be fortunate; worst fate after father’s death; father leaves nothing for him; should be noble and religious –minded for best result. Sister will be thankless; he himself will be a coward. If lustful – worst fate, even shroud will be provided by strangers at his death.
12.  Jupiter in house no 12: the more he earns , the more he should donate. Lost of money: a competent adviser; a yogi full of kindness and love; blessed with divine feelings. If malefic, man will not be able to use his own wealth though rich.

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Gulika is extremely important as an active killer in Indian predictive astrology.
The Lagna, the Moon and Gulika falling in Dwiswabha (dual) or Sthira (fixed) signs prompt multiple ailments and fatality. In Chara Rashi (Movable signs), it leads to good health and long life.
The Lagna, the Moon and Gulika falling in mutual Trikonas in the Navamsa chart, particularly in Rashis 4, 8 and 12 are fatal. Such a native is disease prone and accident prone. This is according to the Prasnamarga.


Gulika in the fifth House, particularly in Rashis 3, 6, 10 and 11 leads to lack of children. In such a situation, the native likely to have some defect in his generative organs.
Gulika may ensure ensure successful conception when:
1.       The Gulika and Moon are in the same Sign
2.       Gulika is with the 5th lord.
3.       Gulika is aspected  by the 5th lord.
4.       Guika in the other sign of the 5th lord.
5.       Navamsa lords of gulika and the Moon are related mutually.
A successful conception results when Jupiter transits the times of Gulika rashi or Gulika navamsha rashi. When Gulika is any of the first six rashin (Mesha to Knya)Consider the transit of Jupiter from the gulika rashi. When it is in the last six signs (Thula to Meena), consider the transit from Gulika Navamsha rashi.

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Gulika son of Saturn holds a position of prime importance in the evaluation of a natal chart . Also  called as Maandi, it like Rahu and Kethu, has no Physical existence. But it always makes a difference in the natal chart output. Gulika is generally considered the most malefic entity in a chart. According to the set standards of assessment of maleficence , is surpasses all natural malefics. Gulika enjoys a special status almost like an independent planet, and in astrological classics it is considerd as a miner planet  or sub planet. In the traditional astrological practice, the Gulika Kundali (a horoscopic chart, with houses reckoned from the position of Gulika) used to be an essential component of the Thalakkuri (the scroll carrying the horoscopic details of a native, according to the traditional system of making horoscope in India. In vedic astrology,  Gulika and maandi considered synonymous although some people try to differentiate between them. Gulika  denotes a certain segment of time controlled by Saturn. The word Maandi is derived from Manda or sluggish, another name of Saturn.
Results of Gulika:
Gulika in the first House most certainly reduces the good results of chart. When Gulika occupies the Ascendant the native will be a thief, be cruel and devoid of modesty, unlettered in Vedas and Sastras, will not be slim, have a deformed eye, be wanting intelligence, have a few children,  be a glutton, mostly miserable, lustful and depraved, not long living, nor brave; will be stupid and short tempered.
When Gulika occupies the second House, the native will not talk in a pleasant way, will be quarrelsome, will have little wealth, or corn and be living in foreign land. He will not be true to his word, nor could take part in any discussion intelligently.
If Gulika is posited in the third House, native born will be known for his aloofness, pride, drunkenness and such other bad habits, will be mostly short tempered and ostentatious in the acquisition of wealth. He will be without a sense of distress and fear and will be without brothers and sisters.
When Gulika occupies the forth house, the native has no relatives, vehicles and wealth.
When Gulika occupies fifth House it leads to troubles from progeny. And so on.
Only in houses 3, 6, 10 and 11 does Gulika generate beneficial results.
When Gulika is in the 7th house, the native will be quarrelsome, have many wives , be hostile to people and ungrateful; a man of little learning and somewhat angry.
If Gulika occupies 8th house the native has a deformed face, week and impaired eyes; of short stature.
Natives having Gulika in the 11th house in their birth chart will be blessed with happiness, children, intelligence, power and beauty.
Gulika in the 12th house will make the native insensitive to sexual pleasure, poverty – stricken and incurring heavy expenditure.
The good results of Gulika (from its placement in the above houses ) are lost when the Rashi and Navamsha lords of Gulika are ‘neecha’ (debilitated) or combust.
To Mitigate the Evil

One should worship Lord Shiva regularly in the evening , bow down to the Sun God and Lord Vishnu in the morning, and light a holy lamp of ‘ghee’ before a Shiva temple. This would defy the evil arising out of an adverse disposition of Gulika.

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7.5 Years of most malefic influence of Saturn ( Ezhara Shani)

7.5 Years of most malefic influence of Saturn

In Hindu Astrology Saturn plays a very vital role in man’s life-good or bad. When an astrologer talks of‘7.5 Shani’ (Sade-sati), it sends shivers down the spine of the client. He at once appeal to the astrologer to devise some means to extricate him from  the clutches of Saturn’s most  obnoxious attacks. Let me apprise you of the malefic as well as benefic characteristics of Saturn. It is a double edged weapon- both protector as well as destroyer. It is the most malefic in Aries and most exalted in Libra. Capricorn and Aquarius are its own Raashis or signs, but in enemy’s sign or House it wreaks havoc and spreads destruction all around. It destroys the enemy Raashis. Its friends are Venus and Mercury; but it sworn enemies are Sun, Moon and Mars, i.e. Aries, Cancer, Leo, and Scorpio are its foes. Jupiter – of course, is of equal strength. Its aspects are 3rd, 7th and 10th    from the House which it occupies. It is the Lord of Capricorn and Aquarius which extend from 270 to 300 degrees and 300 to 330 degrees respectively. It may be noted that Saturn in Jupiter’s sign, i.e. Sagittarius and Pisces, is benefic; whereas Jupiter in Saturn’s sign, i.e. Capricorn is debilitated and weak.
Everyone has to pass through this fire; some are burnt and scalded and some come out unscathed like metal tuning in to gold. For some with malefic Saturn it is all poison and venom; but for those with exalted Saturn it is all fine. It may be noted that Sun remains in one sign for one month; Moon for 2 .25 days; mars for 1.5 months; Jupiter for 13 months; Venus and Mercury for one month; Rahu and Kethu (retrograde) for 18 months moving backwards; but Saturn’s sojourn in one sign is for 30 months
People with malefic Saturn are cheats, indolent, lazy, thief, liar, jealous, subtle like snake notorious, callous and cruel, full of anger and venom, stubborn, secretive, but self respecting, may break but will never bend before enemies; hit back with vigor when insulted; terror for their foes. Even in day-to-day dealings, such persons are peevish and quarrelsome.
Remedy lies in facing this period with stoic courage, for after this dark period, again there will be sunshine and glory. My advice is “Never lose heart, face it boldly and cheerfully, for life is a web of grief and happiness. Have you. Have you ever known a man, howsoever eminent, who has not suffered in life?.
Apart from meditation, do good to all; imbibe noble thoughts; donate milk (Moon’s articles) and almonds, iron tongs or coconut (Saturn’s articles) to the needy and the poor. Pray Lord Shiva, Sastha and Hanuman. This will boost your morale and will strengthen your resolve to steer clear of this trap of malefic Saturn.

Disease Caused by Malefic Planets


Malefic Jupiter:
Malefic Sun:
Loss of sensation in the Limbs; irregular heart beat
Malefic moon:
Epilepsy; fits; insanity; eye problem; heart problem.
Malefic Mars:
Stomach ache; ulcer; liver trouble; boils; uterus problem.
Malefic Venus:
Skin disease; boils etc.
Malefic Mercury:
Disease of brain; insensitive to smell; disease of teeth and veins
Malefic Rahu:
Disease of brain; accidents; fever; bad for career
Malefic Kethu:
Arthritis; urinary trouble; ear problems; hernia.
Malefic Saturn:
Disease of eye; cough.
Malefic Jupiter-Rahu/kethu
Asthma (remedy for Rahu)
Malefic Jupiter-mars:
Jaundice (remedy for malefic Jupiter)
Malefic mars/Kethu:
Trembling of hands, feet and head. (remedy for malefic Mars)




Sun in Aries:
Exalted; being in a friendly Raashi; short tempered but an officer; if trader, must be soft spoken. In a good house it gives best results; self confident.
Sun in Taurus:
In the 2nd, 5th, and 9th Houses it confers best results. But Sun in 7th and 10th House is not good; remains disturbed because of enemies.
Sun in Gemini:
In a friendly Sign; will never be malefic; person will be of sweet and soft speech; wise and thoughtful.
Sun in Cancer:
Best placement; Very rich; mother’s blessings; best luck. Earn name and fame.
Sun in Leo:
Only son; eminent status; intelligent; wise and well read; bringer of good fortune; short tempered.
Sun in Virgo:
No worry about job; problem with feet; may leave job many times; carefree.
Sun in Libra:
Worst if in House no. 7 or in enemy’s House; unlucky; problem in service and marriage, being in enemy’s Raashi; ill- tempered; rude and selfish. If honest to the spouse, good and comfortable life, otherwise worst.
Sun in Scorpio:
Conqueror of death; death fears Sun, rich, promotion provided not lustful.
Sun in Sagittarius:
Best planet; long life; best results regarding career health and wealth. It brightens House no. 5 too regarding sons.
Sun in Capricorn:
Being in enemy’s raashi, such a person is full of wild and bad thoughts and is quarrelsome; wrong-doer; bad and deceitful behavior like a stinging snake. But if it is in Sun’s House it confers good results.
Sun in Aquarius:
It is also in the enemy’s Raashi, hence selfish and full of deceit and evil thoughts. But in its on House, i.e. House no.1, it blesses the man with son and confers wealth and eminent status.
Sun in Pisces:
Being in a friendly Raashi; man is wise and self made rich; frugal and does not spend lavishly; spends a lot on household affairs; honest; owner of lands; a good-doer; Purity of mind, thoughts and deeds.




    It is the central force of the solar system. It is the king emperor that rules over the body and soul and all other planets obey his commands. It is the supreme source of light and life. If Sun exalted it brings glory and fame; and if weak or malefic it brings misery. A man with an exalted sun is born to rule and the one with a weak Sun is born to serve. In Hindu Mythology, we call it Lord Vishnu who is the Lord of the Universe. In Islamic astrology it is called ‘SHAMS’ or ‘KHURSHID’ in Persian. His height is normal; has a bright face; both the hands raised and are ‘lion’ like. Its main period lasts for six years.
An exalted Sun confers glory, brightness, long life, such a man is truthful, will never face bad days, will earn a lot; even death will lose its sting.
Sun, if in conjunction with Rahu, Saturn, and Kethu and adversely aspected by them, brings about worst results. It is in fact eclipsed.
Sun in House no. 1:
Very wealthy, king like status, self made rich. Handsome in body, thoughts and soul; honest; intellectual; liberal; justice-loving; helpful to father; strict administrator, but should be a polite businessman. Early morning birth; short-tempered; long life.
Sun in House no. 2:
Wealthy; good reputation; good status; God fearing; pious and noble; bright and glorious life; selfless service; will bring about exalted results.
Sun in House no. 3:
Bold like a Lion; long life of mother provided Moon is exalted; rich in old age; good to gentlemen but harsh to evil-doers or liars
Sun in House no. 4:
Very rich; beneficial travels abroad; exalted status, will be frugal himself, but will leave millions for children; will have lots of wealth to donate even pearls; the more large -hearted he is, the better the results; perfect Raja Yoga; lustful conduct will; however, destroy him.
 Sun in House no. 5:
Bringer of good luck; a perfect gentleman; excellent government job; if exalted, best results; and if malefic, worst results; like a bright lamp shedding light everywhere; the older he grows, the richer he is.
Sun in House no. 6:
Such a person is like King Nero, rejoicing at the destruction of his kingdom; no worry about job; may leave one but get another; but short tempered; in spite of failures will never stoop low; care free like Don Quixote
Sun in House no. 7:
Everything goes topsy-turvy; like a king himself responsible for the loss of his crown and kingdom; un lucky; short tempered; rude; selfish; prone to flattery; rich but not wise; couple should be faithful for better results.
Sun in House no. 8:
Conqueror of death; good position; even mars in house no. 8 will not be debilitating; for better luck be affectionate to his elders; must not be lustful; death fears Sun in this house. 
Sun in House no. 9:
Long life; supporter of family members; most glorious sun; man and honesty and integrity; will do everything for family and will not demand any favor in return. Even House no.5 becomes exalted. Best placement in the Birth chart provided it is not accepted by enemy planets, i.e.  Rahu, Saturn, Kethu, etc.
Sun in House no. 10:
Healthy; wealthy; but superstitious; will be under estimated though very intelligent; competent officer; will never bow before tyranny; self respecting; sincere friend; if alone, it brings bad results regarding inherited property.  
Sun in House no. 11:
Noble and religious-minded; long and happy life; greedy because of Saturn’s effect; the nobler in deeds and thoughts, the more eminent the status; must not touch wine. 
Sun in House no. 12:
Enjoys sound sleep, but worried about others; happy couple; lively, knowledgeable; honest; worst results if lustful and corrupt; bad luck if he deals in  machine (Saturn’s trade), but good luck in investment and other types of business (Mercury’s trade).

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gas trouble?


To begin, lie down on your back with your legs straight and both arms stretched above your head. First take a deep inhalation, hold your breath and bring your right leg close to your chest and hug with both arms. Touch your knee with your forehead. As you exhale, release in to the starting position. Repeat with the other side. This is one round. Practice 10 rounds.

If doing with only one leg is easy for you, then practice and hug both legs together at the same time. Do 10 sets.

Like its name, Pavanamuktasana (The wind eliminating pose)is meant to relieve excess gas from the stomach. At the same time, it also helps to relive stiffness in the back, neck, ankles, knees and hip pain and also helps to open tight hips

For those who have gastric trouble, Try the Pavanamutasana

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


LAL KITAB was written by the renowned astrologer, Rup Lal , in the late 19 th century and was published from Lahore in Pre-partitioned India. It was in Urdu, as during that time both the Hindus as well as Muslims read Urdu. It was the language of the court and was, in fact the first language of the pre-partitioned Punjab, extending from Delhi to the borders of Afghanistan. But this book is not available now. But Pundit Girdhari Lal resident of Pheruvala, Jallandhar published in 1952.
This rare book was quite popular in north-west India, Pakistan, Iran and many other countries. Shri. Rup Lal, The original author of Lalkitab, was not only an astrologer of great repute but also a sage he could see through the veil of unknown future.
In Lalkitab remedies are easy to follow, cheap and affordable. He has been observed that these are quite effective.
This book should be bound in a red cover which should not be very bright. All other colours will bring misfortune.