Thursday, September 6, 2012


Combination of Three Planets
Best results; exalted status; a successful business man; eminent writer; will help others.
Benefic effect concerning Venus and its articles, relatives and business; best luck after marriage; wife will be good –looking, noble and well mannered.
Most exalted; brave like a lion (Jupiter), Tiger (Sun) and Panther (Mars); will have the power of riding all the three animals i.e. tiger, lion and panther. Eminent status; best luck; will have the power of dominating the bravest of enemies; will have the power of life and death over others; all the three planets confer most exalted results. Even his father, uncles and elder brothers will be very powerful and dominating; even his copper will turn in to gold; in short the best combination in the horoscope.
Jupiter-Sun-Mercury: ‘Perfect Raja Yoga’, if all benefic.
(a)    All three in no.5: Raja yoga; Jupiter and Sun will be dormant; their fate i.e. fathers and sons, will be unreliable; they may not be financially very sound, but still there will be no dearth of money and religious ceremonies in their house. Even if he is a prisoner, he will be a ‘Royal Prisoner’
(b)   All three in no.2 and Venus in no.3: May not marry his beloved; but the girl who loves and like him, will marry him.
(c)    All the three in no.2 and Mars and Saturn in no.1; Moon in no.10: Usually, planets in no.2 give their individual effect and when Saturn is in no.1and 7 or 10 is not vacant , it is a case of ‘Kaag Rekha’ i.e. when such a person digs the foundation of his house, there may be danger to his father’s life.
The man will earn fame and name, if all the three are in no.6. Even if all the three are in no.5, there will be no adverse effect on children (House no.5)
Worst effect of all the three (except in no.5); even if he is a king, he may be treated like a thief i.e. no one respects such a person.
Sun’s effect will be worst (except no.5).

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