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Auspicious Time for (Muhoortha) Marriage

Marriage is a very impotent event in a person’s life. And many astrological factors are considered for fixing a suitable Muhoortha for marriage. The practices wary widely from region to region, but the important considerations are common.

The important conditions for election of auspicious time for marriage are as follows.

Most favorable astrological days:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Most favorable stars:
Rohini, Uthram, Uthradam, Uthrattathi, Makayiram, Revathy, Anizhham, Moolam, Chothi, Makam, Aswathi

Favorable Tithis:
Dwitiya, Tritiya, Panchami, Saptami, Dasmi, Ekadasi, Trayodasi, Krishna Paksha Ashtami

Unfavorable Nithya Yogas:
Vishkamba, Athigandha, Soola, Ganda, Vyaghatha, Vgra, Vyathipatha, Parikha, Vydhriti

Unfavorable Karanas:

Unfavorable planet positions:
Sun and Moon in birth sign, Rahu and Kuja in 8th house, All planets in 7th house, Child and old stage of Jupiter and Venus, malefic planets in 7th house.
Birth star of the boy must be avoid
Unfavorable sign:
Medam (Aries)

Apart from this Panchanga Sudhi checks, the general astrological quality based on the horoscope for the moment is also analyzed. Also the factors such as solar and lunar eclipses, Samkranthi and Sandhyakalam are considered during the Muhoortha search.

Certain lunar months and solar months are avoided in some regions. For example, in the state of Kerala the months of Karkataka, Kanni, Dhanu, Kumbha and second half of Meenam are considered inauspicious

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