Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Abhijith Muhoortham

All the blemishes of various sorts and also thidi and varam (day), navagraha doshas are removed by the Abhijith muhoortham and offers blessings. This muhoortham consists of middle two nazhika (1 hour is equal to 2.5 nazhika) of the day. Abhijith muhoortham is important for all places.Auspecious muhoortham are very rare in a year and it is difficult to get a suitable muhoortham always. So Abhijith Muhoortham can be considered. Wednesdays Abhijith muhoortham falls in  rahu kalam.

Inspite of all this try to find a good day, suitable birthstar, thidi, kalahora for Abhijith muhoortham 

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