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Pancha Pakshi Shastra

Pancha Pakshi Shastra is based on ancient literature in Tamil language. Pancha means five and Pakshi means Bird. The Pancha Pakshi system has some resemblance to the Pancha Bhootha (the five elements system of Vedic Astrology. It is believed that the five elements represented by five Birds, influence and control all the actions of human beings. These five birds take their turns in a special sequence and radiate their powers during day and night. The power that takes effect first on a day or night and the sequence that follows depends on the day of the week and the Paksha (waxing half or waning half cycles ) of the Moon.
One of the five birds is assigned  to every human being as the controlling power based on the birth star of the person and the Paksha of the Moon at the time of birth. The activity of this main Bird at a given point of time and the activity of the Sub Bird at that time and the relationship between them indicates whether the time will be beneficial and lucky for the person or not. Pancha Pakshi Shastra is very popular in South India especially Tamil Nadu. It helps selection of auspicious time and also for answering queries (Prasna).
The five Birds in Pancha Pakshi  Shastra are:

Vulture, Owl, Crow, Cock, Peacock

These birds engage in any one of the following five activities at any given time:

Rule, Eat, Walk, Sleep, Die

The birds are considered most powerful when they rule and least powerful when they die.
To find out your birth Pakshi You have know to your birth star according to Vedic Astrology and the Paksha of the Moon at the time of your birth. The half of the Lunar cycle when the Moon increases in size and reaches the full Moon (Pournami) is called Sukla Paksha and the other half of the cycle when the size decreases until the new moon (Amavasi) is called the Krishna Paksha. Birth Stars are based on the longitude of Moon and are 27 in number from Aswathy to Revathi.
Each day of 12 hours is divided in to five equal portions called Yaama  and given to different activities of the Birds. Within each portion, the time is further allocated to other birds called Apahara birds and their activities. The duty cycle follow complex and intricate logic of  Pancha Pakshi Shasrtra.


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